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MONROE       Sun. 03/15/2015

"My brothers and sisters, God makes no mistakes."

"For he is a perfect God. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the king of kings. He is the God of love and courage, the God of strength and wisdom."

"My God is a perfect God. And when I tell you that he owes us nothing, he owes us nothing."

"For he holds the key to every sunrise and every sunset. For he is the key to life and the reason for every breath we take."

"He is the light you seek when times are dark, he is the hand you take when the devil knocks you down."

"He is the healer to your pain, and my friends he is healing your broken hearts today—"

"For our father has taken back what rightfully belongs to him. And although we are shedding torn tears, we will rejoice on this day."

"Because today is a good day my friends. Today is a good day and we will rejoice in his name!"

"Because brothers and sisters, the almighty God makes no mistakes. For he holds the key to your everyday life and every single breath we take."

As Pastor Jones continued his preach, I could feel my heart tear at every whimper and wail that surrounded me. Today, family and friends gathered for a service to remember. They were all here to witness and celebrate a peaceful ride home.

And while some mourned over graceful hearts, others avoided the tears by sharing memorable stories throughout the service.

Now, it was time to say our final farewells before continuing on with life. Yet, that was easier said than done.

Devastation was eating me alive still, and Satan was slowly crushing me to bits. I felt as if I couldn't breath. The breath that I've been holding onto since that night seemed to be caught at the back of my throat still, and it was just begging to be free.

I felt lifeless, drained of strength and happiness. I had no reason to feel joyful as the pastor encouraged us to be, because this morning, I had to witness two hearts of pure gold rest in their heavenly beds and prepare for their journey to paradise.

"Father. I ask today that you bless this family; bless the family of Irene and Martin Gregory. Heal their broken hearts and give them the strength to stand as one to make it through this time of suffering."

"You're the only one who can make it right, Lord. You're the only true God that can turn it all around."

"So I ask you, father, to walk with this family and their friends until the pain is no more."

My grandparents were the kind of people that anyone could go to for help. They were people that you could depend on. No matter how big or little a situation were to be, no matter how much blood a person had on their hands, they never judged a soul.

Although they've gone through their trials and tribulations throughout the years, they've kept such positive mindsets upon them. They've always had the strength to do so.

Despite their troubles, I've watched those two live in peace and contentment. I've learned from their past mistakes and promising choices in life. I've watched them resist temptations, not allowing the devil to take away what God provided for them.

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