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Written by Magpiethemagnificent for The 6-Pack Challenge  

Round 6: Free for All

Even blindfolded, my senses are strong. I'm still not where I used to be, though I don't really want to.

I hold out my sword in front of me. Waiting for him to make the first move. He comes around back and hit my shoulder. "Hit." I can hear the smug in his voice.

I hold no expression on my face, but inside I'm smirking. Rookie mistake. Never underestimate you mentor.

I swing my sword around in a full circle. I listen carefully for his light but clumsy steps. I hear them at three o'clock.

I charge forward, purposely giving the benefit of the doubt but at last minute slide between his legs. I tap the sword against his back. "Hit," I say. I walked several paces before turning back.

I hear the class howling in laughter. No doubt getting embarrassed and flustered. His moves will become sloppy. A perfect way to teach a lesson.

He charges forward with all of his strength. I sidestep to my left just as his footsteps became right next to mine. The vibrations of his steps are more noticeable. I use the pommel of the sword and strike his open back.

He rolls into the ground and springs to his feet. "Hit," I say in a teasing tone. I hear him growl. I smile, knowing that I started to bring down his ego.

This time it's my turn to charge. I swing upwards diagonally. An easy move to block but enables an open stance. I knew with all my might where the sun never shines. And while he groans forward to grab me, I punch square in his face. Pain shoots up my arm, but it does not phase me.

I could feel blood on my hand. Though I don't know whose it is. I hear him stumble backwards and my instincts start to kick in. I kick him in the chest so he falls to the ground.

The class behind me starts to get worried. I could hear them telling me to stop, that he had has enough. The blindfold lost its grip and fell to my neck. On the floor, I hold the tip against his neck.

I could see fear in his eyes. My grip on the hilt grew clammy as the internal war began in my mind. My instincts said kill him. But my body said don't do it.

A strong hand grips my wrist. I look behind me a see the headmaster. I look at him with pure hate. "Enough." Is the only word he states. Though simple, it is powerful enough to pull me out of my trance.

I look at my class in fear. I look down to see the student all bloody. I force myself to throw the sword to my right. The room was quiet enough to hear a pin drop. After the sword reached the ground. I only spoke two words.

"Class dismissed."

I head my way out with two more words, "I quit."

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