Infinity and Beyond: @RosaKayleigh

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Written by RosaKayleigh for The 6-Pack Challenge 

Round 5: To Infinity & Beyond

A chuckle rumbled somewhere within the creatures' throat. Those stupid humans, played like fools again.

His seven-fingered hands toyed with the controls as he decided which course of action would suit the current needs of the Martian race.

It was almost a shame, he thought, watching the fighters swoop in formation between Lincoln Castle and Cathedral. They are impressive.

Correction: Were impressive. His long, multiple-jointed tail hit the holographic touchscreen decisively. The touchscreen craze was something he was struggling to adjust to, in all honesty. But the brass loved it, and thus all were subjected to the forced use of it.

The narrow white aircraft fizzled into visibility as the cloaking device disengaged. To any watching humans, it would appear as if it were a cloud.

He moved the ship into position without thinking about what he was doing. His training had made such manoeuvres an instinctive response.

Eying the Sopwith Dolphin victoriously swooping ahead of him with all five of his eyes, he became aware of his limbs acting without the interference of his mind. He observed calmly as he opened fire on the fighter within his sights, aware that his squadron were engaging in the same actions on all sides.

His ambushee appeared to be of a higher calibre than the others, or at least to possess faster reactions, as he managed to perform some kind of roll manoeuvre - likely advanced to a human pilot - in order to evade the opening barrage of missiles.

Smugly noting that several of the humans hadn't been quite so lucky, he gave chase rapidly, closing the gap between the two fighters so that the human would be feeling uncomfortable under the pressure.

Then he opened fire again, missing wildly as his human opponent charged unpredictably into a loop.

Okay, games it is.

He hovered in place, waiting until the foolish human had completed his loop over the city. Hoped he felt like a fool after not catching out his battle opponent. Hoped he realised that he was the only human left in the sky.

He could actually see his human. It was a rare and treasured experience to watch one's prey panicking so. My, my. These humans are very much under-developed. We haven't used that sort of plane in at least 2000 years.

He set off in pursuit once again, pretending to have problems keeping up with the human. Aware that he was providing amusement for his team.

Left, right.

Roll, loop, roll.

Then fire.

The predictable pattern used for training Martian beginners.

Aware that the charade had gone on long enough, he locked on the tracer missiles using his tail. He debated it for a brief second, then fired.

The human pilot exploded in a mesmerising ball of flames, which barrelled into the Cathedral entrance at a thrilling speed, spewing out thick black smoke.

There goes the history.

The Martian invasion of Earth has officially begun.

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