Turnwell: @jacqueline_hudson

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Written by jacqueline_hudson for The 6-Pack Challenge  

Round 1: Otherworldly Tales

I wake up staring at a solid rock ceiling. Where am I?

The last thing I remember is Turnwell. Oh no. Did I lose the battle? Am I his prisoner now? I sit up and roll over on the hard ground, taking in my surroundings. On three walls, solid stone keeps me locked in, however the fourth wall is completely open. I approach the hole and peer out.

Far below I would have to assume the ground might lay, but I can't see it. What I look into is a cylindrical pit of stone. All around the walls are carved out cages like mine. How did they get the prisoners down here? The walls are smooth and the space isn't big enough for a plane.

Then I hear it. The screams of at least 20 prisoners, jumping from their caves. I can see each of them plunging to their deaths. Why did they jump? Why would they kill themselves like that?

I find my answer seconds later, as each of the caves that had hosted a prisoner moments before exploded in flames. I take a step back in fear.

Turnwell, the Fire Lord.

Above the opening to my cave, hovering on his dragon Flare, is where he sits. A flame flickers in his palm as he throws it at another cave, sending another prisoner leaping to their fate.

I suck in my breath, already smelling smoke that's wafted across the cavern. I have to get out of here. He must be killing everybody for more room to hold more enemies throughout the war. Flare drops a few feet, giving Turnwell better aim for the lower caves. A few more feet and Flare will be right outside my window. Wait for it. This is my only chance at survival.

Flare drops again and I go, leaping from my ledge, grabbing onto his clawed paw. He screeches at a deafening volume, causing me to nearly fall, but I hold tight. I can hear the low whistle of fire building up in Turnwell's hand.

Now or never.

I swing myself onto Flare's back and try to take Turnwell off, but he's ready, shooting a fiery blast that just nearly misses my head. Flare takes off towards the sky as Turnwell's fireball cracks the wall behind me. I can hear the crumbling sound already.

This place is going down.

Stone falls down from above, hitting the dragons back. The whole tops begins to cave in. We're not going to make it. But just as the rock fully caves in, Flare emerges from the pit. I seize the moment of surprise to take down Turnwell. It goes slow, my arm reaching out, his jaw dropping, his body falling back. He tumbles off Flare into the crumpling prison below, to his definite demise.

I scream triumphantly, kicking Flare towards safe ground, where he falls to a halt, injured from the escape. I get off of his heaving body.

Freedom. Turnwell is dead. The war is over.

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