A Spy Trainy in Love ~ aka S.T.L~

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I am now a a teenage in training spy in love with the most dangerous boy ever!! It all started when a mysterious letter from hadey academy came .boy i wish I would hav throw that away ......... I was in an airport in califonia waiting for my flight to arrive. A few days ago I resived a letter to study at hadey academy. I was about to toss it away when my little brother grabbed it away from me and ran to my mother. My moms eyes widden with pride and told me I was imediatley going. So that brings me here I turned an hugged all of my friends bettween "dont for get to call ever day" and "email me as soon as you get there". Tears spang to my eyes when I hugged my family " ill miss you mom,zach, everyone I ll miss you." just then a loud speaker turned on and a womans cherry voice came on. "students to hadey academy your flight is here" she said in a fake cherry tone. I yelled to every one that I would see them in a year and then left to take my flight.... <> I need more Ideas ( sobbing jk )

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