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Pen Your Pride

Rebound, But Newfound {19}

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                                                                                ***Zeke’s POV***

                I sighed as I stared up at my ceiling. Tommy hadn’t talked to me in two days. He was still mad that I had agreed with Coach about him not trying out.

                I also had a feeling he was mad that I had hung out with Kory and Trace that night. I had slept over their house, sharing a bed with the two of them. But I had done that before! It’s not like I was sexually sleeping with either of them. I was just…well, sleeping with them.

                My phone buzzed and I instantly sat up and snatched it off my dresser. I flipped it open eagerly and my shoulders slumped in disappointment. It was just Mikey.

                From: Mikey

                Come to my house now. Tommy’s really hurt!

                My heart stopped. My eyes widened and my heart picked up speed, slamming against my ribcage in panic as I jumped out of my bed and scrambled to get my shoes on and grab my car keys. I shot downstairs and raced out into my car.

                I pulled out of the driveway and speed down the street. I pulled into the Warren’s driveway and jumped out of the car. I rushed to the front door and slammed my fist on it.

                Mikey pulled the door open and I stumbled into the house. “Where is? Where’s Tommy? What’s wrong with him?” I demanded.

                Mikey raised an eyebrow. “Calm down Zeke. I lied. Tommy’s fine. He and Sammy are at a dentist appointment right now,” he said with a shrug.

                His words sank in and I stared at him in confusion. My hands shot out and gripped his shirt tightly as I glared at him.


                Mikey calmly pulled my hands off and fixed his shirt. “I needed to get you here fast, and I know how lazy you are. Sorry. Had to be done. But I didn’t invite you here to screw around Zeke,” he said seriously.

                “Well, what did you need?” I asked, slipping my shoes off and following him into the living room. We sat down together and Mikey sighed.

                “It’s Tommy. I’m really worried about him Zeke. He’s been acting…strange. Ever since we left Coach’s house, he’s been really quiet. And when we try to talk to him, he just gets really pissy. Tommy’s always been quiet, but never that quiet. And you know him. He’s almost always relaxed and casual. He rarely gets that angry and pissed off. What happened between you two?”

                I listened to him silently and bit my lip. “That’s a good question Mikey. I don’t know what happened between us. He’s mad because I agreed with Coach, I think,” I said.

                “That’s all?” Mikey asked, somewhat suspiciously.

                I thought back hard, trying to remember if I had done anything else that would’ve made him mad. “I mean, I stayed over Trace and Kory’s house that night, but that’s all I can think of that might’ve pissed Tommy off,” I said honestly.

                Mikey frowned deeply and ran a hand through his hair. “I’ve never seen him this upset before, Zeke. Tommy never gets like this. My mom’s scared for him. Even my dad is starting to get nervous. Tommy’s barely eating, too. He rarely comes out of his room.”

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