Chapter 7

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Kimberly's POV

I walk over to Ava and slam her shoulder against the lockers. This girl is ridiculous! She gets a little burn and she freaks out and tells the teacher it was all my fault. I have a detention now. Great, my Saturday is ruined, thanks to her.

"What the hell was that for?" I whisper angrily. I am very aware that the whole hallway is looking at us right now, but I don't care. I'm not going to just let her get away with this. I can get rid of her the same way I got rid of her little friend.

She shoves my hand off and looks me in the eye. "That was NOTHING compared to what you did to me. You ruined my life! What you was just...cruel and inhuman! You deserve way worse and you know it."


It's four in the morning and I'm bright with excitement. I know I shouldn't be this excited to ruin school property, but I am. I have a can of spray paint in my gloved hand and I'm about to do it. Today is the day I win back what is rightfully mine.

I take a deep breath and start spraying a 'C'. It looks a little crooked, but that's ok. I go over it few times, then move on to the 'A'. It turns out alright, too, and before I know it, I'm finished.

I step back and examine my work. "Camilla Rox, Skool Sucks," I whisper to myself. This is just genius, my best idea yet. I feel so evil, but I know what I'm doing is right. She doesn't deserve to be at the top of popularity, and I think it'd be better for all of us if she just left.

I feel proud of what I've sprayed, because it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. Camilla's a pretty good artist, and this is actually kind of believable as hers. I stash away the cans and gloves, then walk across the street to Starbucks. I go here every morning and I already had my morning frap, but I don't want to be at school at 6:30. 'Cause that might be suspicious. So ya.

Ugh, I'm so awkward. No wonder Josh dumped me for Camilla. My nose is slightly crooked and my brilliant blonde hair is starting to turn darker! Wait, what am I saying? I'm going to get a nose job when I get older and I could always dye my hair blonder. And Camilla's way worse! She only puts on a little makeup and her teeth are slightly crooked. Her arms are messed up and she's so pale. I could go on for hours about how ugly that girl is...

I bet it's that he thinks I'm too good for him. Yes, that must be it. I could do way better than him, but since our school is very low on hot guys, I guess he has to do. Once I get rid of Camilla, he will finally be mine again.

It's almost 7, so I start to head back to school. The moment I get outside I start hearing the sirens. They're getting closer and my heart's beating with excitement. I try to get back to school as fast as I can, but these heels are killing me. By the time I'm there, everyone is surrounding the wall, and in the center, is Camilla.

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