The Characters

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Melanie (pink unicorn)- The actress (VA/ Songwriter/Singer/Dancer). This unicorn loves to sing her heart out till somepony says "shut it!", she likes hanging with her friends the most.

Sweetieshy (yellow pegasus)- The tough/cool one. She will always stick up for her friends whenever needed, especially Sweet Cloud.

Chocolate Sprinkles (chocolate earth pony)- The bubbly one. She loves to bake, and is totally random! (Do not give her coffee, EVER!!) She has a slight obsession with her hair accessories.

Sweet Cloud (mint green pegasus)- The shy one. She's still working on sticking up for herself, luckily Sweetieshy's always there for her. She has a special connection with animals. She loves hanging out with her friends, but she loves singing with Melanie the most.

Buttercup (yellow/beige earth pony)- The tomboy/sporty one. She and Sweetieshy are very competitive against each other. She loves all sports, her favorite is Parkour.

Starlight Story (blue unicorn)- The quiet one. She loves to read, and sometimes write her own stories. Fiction, non-fiction, romance you name it. But she hates grim darks. (The one who started it all).

Galaxy Star (blue pegasus, my friend's OC)- The chillaxed one. Gal is a pretty laid-back pony, she'll always help out others, and has a slight obsession with superhero fanfics.(Aka: MojoPrince101)

(In video below)

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