Chapter 7

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Authors Note: I know it's been a while since I've updated. Sorry, I was having a lot of trouble with this chapter, and even now it doesn't reach my standards. This one was tougher to write and a bit deeper. It will get fluffier eventually.

Thanks for your patience.
And as always, enjoy.

*==Jason POV==*

I put on the suite. I don't remember exactly how I did it, but even as I hover deadbeat like a zombie towards the city, there's no shaking the reason why. I didn't bother to clean the blood because maybe it would help me prove my cause. Maybe it would make me look scarier, disguise the dying-bunny look.

I don't make my presence secret as I mope my way down the middle of the street, flying above the powerlines. There are audible gasp and lots of movement as people silently scatter, trying to get out of sight. They have nothing to worry about because I pay them little attention. I'm looking for someone in particular whom I doubt will be hard to spot.

There he is.

A large man who has one hand on his forehead gazes at his broom which he leant against the brick. As if he stares at it long enough it would start sweeping for him. I get close, I want him so badly, but if he doesn't want me that's fine.

I want him to want me, I want to feel wanted.

After everything I still want to help myself and maybe one day I won't but today I do. I want a hug. It seems simplistic but when you never get hugs they carry more weight. I don't know how I expect this man to want to give me one. I don't know why I'm in costume, I just needed him now and flying is faster.

But boy am I stupid. No one wants to mess with a villain especially one covered in blood. No one assumes it is mine.

We exchange quick words. I ignore most of them and then he's running down the alley. I let myself drops to my feet and chase him. To no avail.

*#Danials POV#*

I feel guilty. I just met the kid less than a week ago and now I've put his life in jeopardy. Stupid, Danial, stupid. My suite is on in a matter of milaseconds and I'm ready to go. I arch my back and toss my body backwards through the window.

The scent makes Posion easy to track. I end up meeting him in the middle of town amongst the crowd of frozen civilians. They see me and a few display relief while others look more questioning. I was defeated last time, what makes this time so different?

I wonder the same thing, it's obvious he has no mercy in his crime. He could possibly kill me.

I shake the thought. I have no right to feel self pity, because if I don't try Jason will be killed, and I'll have to shoulder the blame for it. Something tells me he's already dying. Some part of me feels an unidentifiable attachment for him, an emotion I'll surely work out later.

I hover behind Poison, about a twenty foot distance trying to compile a plan. I haven't though about it, only Jason. Poison seems to not have acknowledged my existence if he knows about it. I'm not sure of much, but I know I can't kill him. One, I find it unethical and two, I need him to lead me to Jason.


I can feel the quivering buzz in the air that cause my hairs to stand on ends. I hear the people below me gasp, a couple of long haired ladies have spiked locks  drifting in the air. He's heated. Why?

They say all Villians have cause. All supers do too, which is their driving force to impose. Most villains, I have learnt, have weak motivations to be evil because good actions are just logically more beneficial.

I need to learn his cause. Doing so will require talking, which I feel like he wants to do little of. First I have to remove him from the people, remove the threat.

Heat engulfs my fist, the pleasant sensations sends tingles down my spine. A crackling whoosh is audible to everyone nearby, including him, yet he doesn't show it. Or at least almost doesn't. His ears twitch.

So you have super hearing, big boy.

"If you wanted my attention, you've gotten it," I bellow into the silent void between us.

He shakes and for some reason I'm caught off guard, the movement seems inhuman. Other than that I get no response. I think harder, I need to irritate him and cause him to chase me, I refuse to hurtle fire ten feet off the ground.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kill a super?"

No reaction.

"Especially one like me, like seriously, you would be top of the top. Highest of the high."


"If you don't fight you're going to get a fireball in the face. And then it will be lights out Baby boy."

I'm out of ideas, It's like talking to a wall. We sit through a long period of silence.

"Well?" He says.

I tilt my head and raise a brow.

"Well?" I repeat.

"Well? Are you going to kill me?"

My lips part, my mouth forming a loose O. " No I guess not."

He whirls around. "Exactly. You know why you won't kill me? Because you're a coward, it would be absolutely painful for you. All that weight on your conscious. You wouldn't want that now, would you?"

I open and close my lips a few times. I feel angered by his accusations, probably because they're true. I  punch the air, throwing my body into it, uselleslly, and release a ball of raging red heat at his abdomen.

Wups, didn't mean to do that.

He smiles sadistically and shoots up into the air before the fire ball can cross half the distance.

I can't help but smirk, here's the game of chase I've been waiting for.
I follow, daring to go faster, higher, and most importantly out of hearing range.

I also dare to get closer.

Blood has crumbled on his face, but his body suite still glistens. Why is it still damp? It should have dried. His nose is wet and the veins in his eyes are red cords mapping paths. They make the blue pop.

Right, talking. We are going to talk.

"What did you do with him?"

He cranks his head. I can't tell if he even knows he's smiling still. "Him? You'll have to be more specific. There are many hims."

I point."The one you stole from the apartment over there. Where you wrote your name with his blood."

His smile falls and his voice softens. He seems to have trouble with the name. "Jason?"

I snarl. "Yeah him. He better be still alive."

**Jason's POV**

Yeah, just barley. "Or what?"

He fights with himself, unclenching and reclenching his fists. "Or for the first time a super will kill a villian."

He yells the words, more angry with himself than me. I can't help but feel touched by how he wants to protect Jason.


No, I am not Jason. I'm Poison Shadow.

I sigh. What a sad, sad irony.

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