Part 44 - The Governor's monkey butler

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Tom's POV -------

We had arrived at where Andrea had told us to negotiate with the Governor, I hopped out the passenger side of the car and walked round to Hershel's side to help him out. Rick waited for Hershel and I approach him before we went inside. The building was surrounded by silos, I assume they contained food for the animals that once has occupied the farm ground we were on. We trudged up to the door, but two men stood in our way blocking Hershel and I from entering the small barn liked structure. "The Governor thought it best if he and Rick spoke privately" I looked at Hershel and he did to me, he turned back to look at the weedy guy who have just talked, he loomed like he would snap in the wind. "Who the hell are you?" Hershel asked, confused as to why he was even here. "Milton Mamet" I snorted. "Great...He brought his butler" I managed to say without laughing. "I'm his advisor" he replied quickly. Hang on... Milton rang a bell "Aren't you the asshole who took a load of Jess's blood when you're little boyfriend kidnapped her?" I asked with a hint of cockiness in my voice. "He's not my... boyfriend... and I only took a little blood, Phillip was very precise about what he wanted" Milton said defensively, avoiding all eye contact with me. "Oh you're on first name basis?... definitely his boyfriend" I looked to Hershel who had a smirk on his face. "I don't feel like I need to explain myself to the henchmen" I chuckled "Ooh burn... I'll give you that one"

"You better watch your mouth, sunshine" The other more stockier guy next to Milton began to speak and lifted his gun a bit, I assume to present himself as a bit more intimidating. "It talks?... Look, if you and I are gonna be out here pointing guns at each other all day, do me a favor, shut your mouth..." "Sorry this is Martinez..." Milton pointed to the thug like guy, he looked like the type of person who acts tough with a gun, but couldn't hold his own without one. Pfft what an asshole... I turned around without acknowledging him and sat on the bonnet of the car, if we couldn't go in I'll just wait until Rick comes back out, or if we have to take drastic action, I'll kill the governor myself. "We don't need this...If all goes south in there, we'll be at each other's throats soon enough" Hershel said ending our little... discussion. Hershel walked over, and stood there, not really knowing what to do. "You want a seat?" he shook his head "Naw I'll be fine, thanks Tom" he replied looking around and studying his surroundings. I laid back and looked at the cloudless sky, I let out a long sign and began to think about Jess, she was always on my mind I loved her, but she didn't feel the same... she must feel something though shouldn't she? I mean the way she talks to me, looks at me, how concerned for me she was when she got back from Woodbury...

"Tom!" I was snatched from my thoughts. I looked over to see Hershel next to me by the car waving his hand in front of my face. "Yes?" I asked, now a bit dazed and confused. "What's wrong?" Hershel questioned, I think he knew the answer to his question but wanted to hear it from me. "Just... think about stuff..." he chuckled "Or people" He looked at me with a 'I know who you're thinking about' look. "How do you-" I paused and sighed "I just font like the thought of Jess being there without one of us" Hershel chuckled again. "She can take care of herself more than you know" I turned my whole body and looked at him "I know, I just... I don't know..."

"You love her don't you?" My eyes connected with his, I sighed but nodded. "Just... don't get yourself hurt... Rick's your best friend and how perfect Jess might be, this isn't worth your friendship with Rick...Just remember that" He began to hobble over the the wall facing the barn. I laid back and stared in awe as we waited for Rick to emerge and to hear what the verdict was with the Governor. For the Governor's sake, I hope went van sort this out. For the sake of the prison I hope we get to end this and I get to put a bullet through his thick skull.


"She's immune you know..." Milton interrupted the serenity of the moment. I opened my eyes, he was such a weedy looking frail man, it actually annoyed me. It took me a moment to realise what he had said. "She's what?" Milton shuffled on the spot before speaking again, the other guy... Martinez was it? "Erm... Yeah" he squeaked still avoiding eye contact with me. "Can you find a cure?" I questioned "Well we could have, but that stupid bitch kept escaping" Martinez spat in a conniving tone. "You shouldn't have taken her in the first place!" I walked up to Martinez a put my face up in to his. He began to laugh "You know, she's a looker, I wonder what she's like in bed... I should ask the Governor, he saw to that" my blood began to boil and course through my veins at full speed.

"You son of a bitch!" I punched him square in the nose, and jumped on him in a fit of rage sending us both to the ground. I pinned him down and began throwing punch after punch into his face, most of it was a blur, I was so angry I couldn't even remember why I was hitting him. I was overthrown by Martinez as he grabbed his gun and pistol whipped me in the head, knocking me back a little. He put his hands around my throat and began to squeeze, I lifted my knee and kicked him, causing him to curl into a ball. "I'll kill you, mother fucker!" I stood up to leap on him again but was stopped and held back. I turned to see Rick who had a pissed off look on his face. "What the fuck are you doing!" He pushed me away and stood there staring at me with fire in his eyes. "He was- And I- We- he was- taking bout Jess- and he said-" I was cut off before I could finish my sentence "I don't care what he said!... You are not in the position to be making more enemies! We'll talk about this later!" He turned to walk back into the barn "Rick I-" "I said later!... Hershel, keep an eye on him!" Rick dismissed the situation and disappeared back inside. I stared into space trying to gather my thoughts and breath back, I walked off and took sometime to think, Martinez's face was putting me off. I went past the car and kicked the side in anger, I was pissed off!


Rick emerged from the barn, he was not happy in the slightest, he stormed past me and jumped into the car "Get in" he demanded, I willingly jumped in, not wanting to piss him off further. "Rick, what happened" Hershel asked as Rick pulled away from the barn and drove away. "It went horribly, he wants a war and he's got one... Andrea didn't wanna come back neither" Rick sighed, keeping his eyes on the road, concentrating hard. "Rick I-" my sentence was cut short "Save it Tom! I've had just about enough of you today!... we'll talk later!" he demanded, putting me in my place, but he was starting to piss me off too! I'm dreading what's gonna happen later, but at least I get to see Jess.

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