Elevator - a Dirty One Shot

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Author Note:

You guys bombarded me rn with three requests for imagines!

But don't worry tho, I'll try to cope ;)

This one is dedicated and requested by Brunomarsgirl123, hope you'll like it! :)


Bruno pulled me in the elevator of the hotel as he pressed the bottom to the top floor. As soon as the doors closed, he pinned me to the left wall of the elevator. He pushed his lips on to mine as I gave in and kissed him back. "I can't wait till we'll get to the room." He whispered seductively against my lips, causing a small whimper to escape my lips as our kisses deepened. His tongue licked my bottom lip, asking for an entrance, as I gave his tongue the permission.

With our tongues wrestling each other, our heated make out session interrupted by a thud. The elevator stopped, and the lights turned down, causing only the dimmed emergency lights to lit up.

"We're sorry, the generators had temporarily stopped working. The problem will be fixed as soon as possible, with a minimum of 30 minutes. Please stay calm, and we're sorry for the troubles." A voice of one of the worker said through the small speakers of the elevator.

"Shit..." Bruno cussed under his breath as he got off me against the wall. "Don't worry," I walked to him and put my hand on his left shoulder. "They said 30 minutes." I added. "Minimum. 30 minutes minimum. It can take longer." He said, still not turning to face me. "Well," I started. I let my hands wrap around his torso from behind and lean down to his ear. "At least we are alone." I completed my sentence with a seductive whisper.

I fumbled my hands around to find the buttons of his flannel shirt. I undid the first button, hearing him sigh as that all it took for him to turn around and pin me up the wall again. A small smirk went on my face as his big brown eyes turned darker with lust in front of me. "I guess we do have some time." he whispered and bit his lip.

I pushed him closer to me again as our make out session reignited. Bruno's hands roamed against my body as his hands went under my dress. He found the hem of my panties and I whimpered slightly as I felt his hands slid in my panties. I could feel him smirking against my lips. A soft moan slipped out my mouth and I tugged and pulled at his curls as I felt his index finger pushing inside me.

He kissed down my jaw and to my neck as he pumped his finger in and out of me. "Bruno..." I sighed his name softly and lean my head against the wall as the feeling of the sensation from his touch took over me. "You like that baby?" He smirked against my neck. I nodded slightly, then immediately another moan escaped my mouth as I felt another finger slip in to my sensitive spot. His lips sucked harder on my neck as he pumped his two fingers harder and faster, and I already knew a hickey was forming on my neck.

My eyes were shut the whole time, my moans becoming louder as I could feel the sparks of orgasm starting to flinch in my stomach. I felt my walls clenched around his fingers, and I was ready to cum in any moment. Just then, he pulled out, leaving me panting. A slight anger felt in me. "You're not cumming, not just yet." He whispered sexually in my ear. I was desperate for his touch.

"Please Bruno, I need you," I pleaded. "I'll do anything." I begged desperately. He smirked and put the two fingers that was inside me moments ago in front of me. I understood his hint and took his fingers in my mouth, cleaning my wetness off them. He watched me sternly as he bit his lips. I finished my task as he went to unbutton his jeans. I could see the big bulge strained in his pants, wanting to be free.

He pulled himself out and I bit my lips as I saw him. He was hard and awaiting for what was to come. He pushed down my panties a little to get space. I smirked and bit my lips as I pulled them down completely. I grabbed them in my hand and wrapped my hands around his neck. "I don't think it'll be needed," I whispered in his ear. My hand wandered to the back pocket of his jeans, sliding my panties in them. He put his hands under my thighs, signaling me to jump. I did so and wrapped my legs around his waist, giving him the opportunity he was waiting for.

A sigh of pleasure left my mouth as I felt his big shaft inside of me. He thrusted in me as my body rested against the wall, my body moves against it to the beat of his thrusts. He thrusted harder and faster with every thrust, my moans getting louder with every thrust.

I was sure that the people outside the elevator, praying for the poor people who got stuck in it, were now realizing there is no need to worry, as the locked ones found a way to entertain themselves in there.

I moaned his name, my eyes shut as my head and body sliding up and down against the wall to the rhythm of his thrusts. He leaned closer, not breaking his rhythm, and started sucking on my neck. "I want everyone to hear, who is making you feel so good." He said between groans. "Bruno," I whimpered out a soft moan. He pushed me even harder against the wall and went faster.

"Scream my name." He whispered.

"Bruno!" I moaned out loudly. I kept moaning his name louder with each thrust, over and over again, causing him to smirk at the sounds of me as letting out small groans. I wrapped my hands around his back and clenched at the back of his shirt. The pleasure was getting unbearable, I could feel myself getting to my high.

I grabbed ahold, one hand in his curls and the other in his shirt, as a loud moan escaped my mouth and my orgasm took over my body. I could feel my walls clenching around him as my juices released. He thrusted inside of me more, to the point I could barely hold on no more, until he finally released too.

We were both breathing heavily as Bruno pulled out of me. "Damn, Ashley..." He said, almost breathless. I grabbed him and smashed my lips against him. As our tongues were fighting each other's, the elevator bumped and started moving up again. The emergency lights turned in to the regular, bright lights of the elevator. We pulled away and Bruno smirked as he fixed himself back in his pants.

"I can't wait for the second round," he whispered and winked.

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