Chapter XV: Et Tu Brute

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"Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within."

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Five people appeared on the bridge of the S.S. Olympus the teleporter light faded gently behind them. Zeus smiled at them in welcome but his eyes reflected darker intentions. "Welcome home. It looks like you all had a bumpy ride." He paused, "is Medusa safe and sound?"

The crew looked at each other nervously. Not one of them was willing to break the news that they lost track of his incredibly valuable and dangerous gorgon. It was Artemis who stepped forward still clutching her chest and wincing in pain. Her voice was tight as she managed to explain their predicament. "The Gorgon managed to escape. We were in the process of planning a retrieval mission when you called us back."

"Well forgive me," He groaned emphatically. "I called you here because,"He paused as he formulated the appropriate explanation, "I was worried. No one had reported in for hours." His suspicion filled eyes fell on Hades. "How is the S.S. Inferis?" his tone was laden with hidden meanings.

"It needs a lot of work," Hades replied bluntly. Hades' lips stretched tightly in an almost invisible line and his eyes lightly whirled in anger.

"I bet it does," Zeus jeered, his eyes twinkling. He scanned Apollo and Artemis. Almost as if he was responding to his gaze Apollo was attacked by a seizure of wet and painful coughing. "Hera dear," She appeared. "It looks like these two are in need of some medical assistance. That gas they were exposed to can be deadly if the victim undergoes heavy exposure."

"How would you know about the gas?" Cornelia inquired as her two friends disappeared.

"I have my ways, my little Roman ambassador." He paused and smiled broadly at her. Despite its warmth, something sent a chill down her spine. "Speaking of which, I have someone who dearly misses you." He pressed on the com. "Come in."

In strode was the last person Cornelia ever wanted to see. "Gastonus." She hissed. Fear and desperation clutching at her heart. She instantly reached for her sword tore it out of it's shieth. The sword leveled directly at his neck and she took a fighting stance dropping her weight to her back heel.

"Easy girlie," Gastonus smiled coyly. "I am here on personal business."

Hades stood in front of Cornelia protectively. "What kind of business?"

"The marrying kind," Zeus said smirking.

Cornelia felt her heart sink to the floor. Her legs collapsed underneath her. A sense of utter defeat overwhelmed her. Despite everything she had done she had not been able to change her fate.

Lightning danced around Hades' hands. "You will not touch her. You foul-mouthed whore-mongering son of a cow!"

"Oh I can," Gastonus snarled at Hades as he overtly traced his gaze up and down Cornelia's body " and I will, many times," He spoke as he attempted to snake his way around Hades. He used a solitary finger to stroke Cornelia's cheek. Blinding blue lighting flashed and surrounded Gastonus causing him to jerk and scream.

"Stop!" Zeus boomed. The volume of his command shook the room and shattered all of Cornelia's hopes for salvation.

"Control your dog, your holiness," Gastonus growled as he picked himself up from the ground.

"Oh, I plan to." Zeus smiled and rapped his fingers on his captain's chair. His gaze trailed off to the large window at the front of the ship. He spoke but addressed no one in particular. "See Hades did something unfortunate." He paused for effect and slowly focused his gaze on Hades. "He discovered something that should have been left well enough alone."

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