Jon's secret Admirers

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A group of teenagers we're walking to
Tony's Pepperonis. Jon was with 5 other teenagers that wanted him. The only person that doesn't fall in love with him is now thinking of company's names these days.

Ashley's thoughts- You will be dating Jon. You love and you know he loves you

Tommy's thoughts- Shred on them if the they want Jon. You will get him

Nick's thoughts- Jon is so cute, I want him. I will become his boyfriend

Cory's thoughts- Who is Tony and why did Sky even choose that name? It's bad enough that Max has a dolphin for the mascot named Dada.

Uni's thoughts- How am I supposed to win Jon's love? I can't let anyone else have him

Dawn's thoughts- There is no way I am letting them take Jon away from me. I will get him to notice me like no other.

Jon's thoughts- If I was shipped with a cinnamon roll, that would be awesome. I need to find a cinnamon roll for myself.

They got to Tony's Pepperoni and got greeted by Sky. They sat down and started talking to each other, still in there thoughts

Jon thoughts- Now pizza, that is another thing. I would love to be shipped with it.

Dawn's thoughts- I need to find a way to gain Jon's love, but how?

Nick's thoughts- Everyone is in the way. I have to find a way to get Jon's love before they do

Cory's thoughts- Mmmmmmm pizza. I am starving for some pizza.

Uni's thoughts- Jon has to love me more than everyone else here. I wonder who is he thinking about now.

Jon's thoughts- Pizza Mmmmmmm

Ashley's thoughts- How will I gain Jon's love without kicking there buts? Would a bed wars game then confession work?

Tommy's thoughts- I will be shredding on them soon. These freaks will never take my freak.

Who will win Jon's love? Who will end up crying? And will Cory be falling in love with Jon. Seriously, this is suppose to be love, not names. To be continue......

Hey Lovers. So in the comments, I want you to say who should Jon date. I was going to make everyone fighting while Jon looks at them in confusion and Cory recording and sending it Jess to help with the ships but I scratch that idea. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.

Sol: *Tied up* Let me go Luna

Luna: If I do you're going to blow up the house and I'm not paying $900,000 just to get pay the broken damage and to get the house fixed

Sol: I was just going to set my room on fire

Luna: Which will spread and burn the whole house

Sasha: Why is Sol tied up?

Luna: she was going to burn the whole house

Tommy: That's my job CREAMWHISLE

Luna: And where did you come from?

Tommy: Blowing up butter

Luna: WHY

Tommy: there's nothing wrong with blowing up butter

Luna: Sky loves butter. He is going to kill you

Tommy: Not ha---

Sky: *Comes in with a gun and shoots Tommy* NEVER BLOW UP BUTTER AGAIN

Luna: *Uses author powers* Now you know why never to mess with butter

Tommy: How did you do that?

Luna: Author powers. I'm going to shut this down. Bye guys

Tommy: Freak

Luna: Shut up

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