Finale Part One

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December 24, 2017

They have been looking for Juvia for one month now and no one has seen her. Everyone came to a party Natsu and Gray was throwing.
Everyone was here except Lucy and Erza....

Lucy: NATSU!!!!!!! GRAY!!!!!!!!
Erza: It's Juvia!!!!! WE FOUND HER SHE IS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gray ran down the stairs and carried Juvia up to his house. Everyone cleared a table to lay Juvia in and covered her up in warm clothes.

Juvia: G-gray...
Gray: Shuuuuu... it's ok... save your breath....
Natsu: Call 911!
Wendy: I'm on it.
Juvia: I'm sorry gray... I'm so sorry.,,. *coughs hard*
Gray: Don't be... I am the one that ran out on you... please forgive me?
Juvia: Always.

Play song

Juvia: I should tell you
I should tell you

Gray: I should tell you
I should tell you

Juvia: I should tell you
Gajeel wasn't any...

Gray: Shh... I know. I should tell you
Why I left.
It wasn't cause I didn't...

Juvia: I know... I should tell you-

Gray: I should tell you

Juvia: I should tell you, I love you.

Gray: Who do you think you are,
Leaving me alone
With my guitar
Hold on there's something
You should hear.
It isn't much
But it took all year.

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