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Pen Your Pride

"The names Chance, remember it, you'll be screaming it later." He said sending another one of those disturbing winks to all the females in the class. I growled in irritation when he sent an extra wink my way and put my head in my hands in a desperate attempt to get rid of the headache that has been pounding my head with a hammer since Prriming entered the room.

"Thank you Chance, seeing as we only have a couple of minutes left in class why don't you pick someone to show you to your next class and you guys can leave early." Mrs.Cruz purred pressing her chest against his, wasn't she married? And around forty years old? Someone call the cops on the pedophile over here.

"Mrs.Cruz is trying to steal my man! Oh no, hold my earrings girl!" Gus whispered to me gripping his seat as Mrs.Cruz stepped even closer, if only the principal hadn't left already, i'm pretty sure this would count as molesting an innocent. 

"Gus, hun, you're not wearing earrings." I whispered back trying to hold in my laughter as a few giggles escaped. 

"What's so funny Miss.Cinder?" Mrs.Cruz asked turning her head in my direction, narrowing her eyes making her look like a stoner as she was now slightly grinding her old body in Prriming's direction.

I feel violated just watching it happen.

"Uh well it's just th-" I started to say before being interrupted again by her creepy voice that matched the smile she had on. 

 "In Spanish Ella we are, after all, in Spanish class." She said smirking like she just won the lottery as she pulled in even closer to Prriming.

I stared at her for a couple of minutes as she got closer and closer to her new student, keeping her gaze on me. Why the hell aren't any of the other students saying anything, for Ghondi sakes she's practically humping him in front of the whole class! And the fact that she just keeps her creepy gaze on me while doing all of this just gives me shivers.

Bad shivers.

"Well?" Mrs.Cruz said in a smug grin raising an eyebrow at me. 

"Esce um t-t-tu cua-" I started to stutter out before I was cut off. Again. "Come on" I yelled before crossing my arms momentarily forgetting that I didn't want to speak in spanish in front of everyone.

"Sorry darling, I just need to ask Mrs.Cruz a question." Gus said after he finished his fake coughs that he had used to cut me off and turned to face Mrs.Cruz as I realized what he had done. Gus saved me from embarrassing myself once again, I shot him a thankful smile which he returned with a discreet nod. Well, discreet for him.

"Mrs.Cruz why is it that even though this is spanish class, you have not uttered a word in spanish? Another thing, aren't you married? Because i'm pretty sure that's what the ring on your stubby finger means. I don't know about your family but in mine, marriage doesn't mean rubbing onto someone who's probably thirty years younger than you." Gus said scooting forward in his desk with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

"Mr.Evans! Apologize now or else i'-" Mrs.Cruz started to say but was quickly interrupted by Gus. Man, he really loves interrupting people doesn't he?

"You'll what, give me 'double detention' please women you can't discipline anyone!" He said causing Mrs.Cruz's face to turn red and sweat to start pouring. She opened her moth to speak but Gus beat her to the punch.

"And you Mr.Chance Prriming!" The boy on a roll started to say, "Why the hell haven't you moved away from that tramp! Do you have a thing for grandmas? Dude take a step back and stop letting her STD infested body rub all over you like the lotion you use every night!"

I tried to stifle the laugh but a few giggles escaped as Prriming's face turned into disgust and he followed Gus's smart advice. My giggles turned into full blown laughs when Gus cleared his throat at Mrs.Cruz and started off again.

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