Chapter 10: Person of Interest

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Tearing my eyes away from the living rainbow, I took another look around the room. The boy was leaning against a corner of the room, the colorful girl hopped around excitedly, the girl with the navy-blue hair slumped in the opposite corner reading a book, and Sarah leaned against the back wall, glancing up quickly at the door every so often. Just like from the outside, the rooms were far from interesting; gray walls and a brown door had a tendency to bore the eye.

I often found myself glancing regrettably at the girl with the book.

More students were called in, and the room steadily grew louder. Twenty-five more students piled into our chamber, including Miranda and the buff guy, Matthew. A couple of the others I wasn't sure about; I'd seen them somewhere before, but I didn't pay too much attention to each individual. As for the rest, we would have plenty of time to get to know each other in the next four years. It was our last classmate who forced my attention away from everything else.

The last person to enter our room, or any other for that matter, was Alison Chang.

Most of the people were chatting to each other excitedly, while the rest simply leaned against the wall, waiting for our instructor to enter the room. About ten minutes later, the brown door opened, and a tall, scrawny man with small-framed glasses entered the chamber, a clipboard cradled in his left armpit. His hair was light brown, and was cut short enough so that not even a hurricane could lift it from his scalp. His voice was soft, but so assertive that none dared mock it, not even Matthew.

Once he started speaking, it was clear that we'd gotten the teacher as opposed to the instructor.

"Hello, students. My name is Julian Darnay, but please refer to me as Mr. Darnay. I am your instructor for the next few years, and considering how very few students have ever transferred in that time, I advise you not only to get used to the way I teach, but also to know and understand your peers better as well. Now, I understand that these next few years may be difficult for many of you, some more than others. Remember, if there is ever something you need, be it educational or personal, feel free to utilize me as you see fit. I am your teacher, so it's naturally my responsibility to simultaneously teach and ensure that you all are taught. Instruction is not a one-way experience, students. I expect and hope to learn just as much as I teach in these next four years, so please keep your minds and hearts open at all times so that we may all get something out of this little collaboration of generations.

"That being said, we shall begin with introductions. Name, age, weapon, a unique skill of said weapon, and favorite color should do just fine, and I shall go first. As mentioned previously, my name is Julian Darnay, age thirty-nine. My weapon is called Recon, as its primary function is a grappling hook. Also, I quite fancy the color silver. Nice and shiny. Alright, any volunteers to go first?"

He looked around the room expectantly, surveying his crowd of thirty. After about a minute, the rainbow girl stepped up, a bright smile on her face. Her voice was cheerful, and about as extravagant as her getup. "Hello everyone! My name is Isabelle Italia, age nineteen! My weapon is named Frosty, and when it fires, everything it touches becomes one with the name! I love the color nine." She looked around excitedly, oblivious to the silence that followed. Normally, I would have assumed she was trying to be funny, but her honestly puzzled expression shot that idea down immediately. Next up was the girl with the book; she stepped up, closed the book with her bookmark, and spoke quietly but purposefully.

"I'm Nicole Minas, age eighteen. My weapon is Morpheus Necro Ivory..." she trailed off as her eyes scanned the room, before continuing (with a hint of shyness): "...not that it'd mean anything to you. Also, it doesn't kill Shade. My color of preference is dark blue, like that of a tranquil ocean in a clear, voiceless night." With that, she stepped back in place, and continued her book, a smile returning to her face. A few more students followed in suit, none of which I really paid any attention to, until Sarah stepped up.

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