Chapter 10: Person of Interest

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Log#70: Kingdoms

Guardians are humanity's best hopes of surviving breaches, rare as they may be. While the ESF is operating outside the Barricade and Slayers are paving new routes between kingdoms, Guardians remain within the Barricade at all times. Assisted by the complete arsenal of our current military, Guardians choose to protect our cities using sniper rifles, pistols, rocket launchers, and any other basic weapon of choice. When they are not fighting off invading Shade, Guardians also work to put down the occasional revolt. Their main job, however, is to keep the peace. As history has repeatedly reminded humanity, no monarchy is without dissent, even one of election. Guardians work alongside our more common police force to ensure that the citizens of the Three Kingdoms are living within the law, and to snuff out any criminal activity or terrorist attempts. In summary, the Guardians provide constant protection within the Three Kingdoms, ensure that all outsiders remain outside, and extinguish any and all criminal activities, or any actions against the law.

-General Elvira Ramos

490 BPE

When I got back to school, I was welcomed by a tackle to the pavement by my two best buddies, and a giggling Alison helping me to my feet. This was to be the last week of Free Roam, a two week period of getting accustomed to the school. After that time, all of the freshmen were to be grouped into four large classes, and those would be the students we would work with for the remainder of our time at Arcos, provided nothing... unexpected happened to your class. In most cases, each cluster was formed of thirty students, grouped randomly by a computer in Arcos's head office.

Arcos was huge. It was huge enough to shame anything else in Devarden, and since Devarden is known jokingly as the Kingdom of Factories, that was quite the feat. At first I was absolutely baffled by how much space they needed and why, but the confusion soon melted into amazement as we toured the campus, and learned about how the space between the four spires was actually divided up into sections to train different weapons and fighting styles.

Once the tour concluded, I finally understood why Arcos was famous for training the greatest Slayers on Chorus.

When it was time to be assigned to a class, nervousness slipped into my mind once more, and I hoped with all my might that Alison and the Twin Beaks would be in my group, improbable as it was. The way the selection process worked was actually quite simple: after a randomizer digitally grouped the students, we were herded into the First Spire, the southwestern spire (to the right of the entrance), where the first floor was divided into four opaque rooms and a lobby with access to each room. Students would be called into the rooms according to their assigned class until all of the students were grouped up evenly. I was the twentieth to be summoned, and as I headed nervously into the fourth chamber, I took a look around the room. Four other people waited for me: a boy with black hair like mine and a cool, collected face, a girl with pink glasses and bright blue hair tied into a short ponytail, the girl I had tripped over when first entering Arcos, and Sarah, the redhead I had bumped into back in Sentinal. The boy didn't seem especially exciting, so I turned my attention to the girl of otherworldly colors.

Her glasses were very circular, unlike the more oval-shaped spectacles that most people wore. They weren't entirely pink, just the rims and edges of the temples. The rest of the frame was a light blue, much like the color of "bubble gum", or so I've heard people call that color. Her face looked fresh and young, full of surprises and curiosity. The girl's hair was a light blue, tied into a short ponytail with a thin red ribbon. I assumed the hair was dyed, but it must have been masterfully done; the very unnatural hair color didn't look even slightly inorganic or fake. The rest of the girl's body was covered in an indescribable cluster of colors and emotions fused and layered over a dress of some sort. Her arms and hands were bare, but I couldn't help but notice the oddly large holster hidden beneath the folds of the dress. Another odd feature of her attire was a purse hanging at her waist, opposite the hidden holster. The purse was fairly large, and could easily carry plenty of whatever it was there for, be it ammunition, explosives, or even emergency supplies. The straps were thick, and likely crafted specifically with claws and blades in mind. I couldn't quite make out her shoes; she was just too jumpy.

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