Chapter 3: Gym

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Annabeth's POV

I have gym again with Percy today. So every other day I have a double period of gym and the other days I have study hall. Yesterday was a normal boring day. Percy couldn't come to the library after school because he had to go to swim practice from 3:00-6:00pm and it was mandatory.

I walk into the main gym and sit next to my friends. I see Percy come in, but I'm not sure if I should wave to him or say hi or do nothing at all. Percy's friends didn't make that an issue.

"Percy, we should sit on the other side of the bleachers away from these ugly girls. Come on."

Percy gave me a look as if to say, I'm sorry my friends are so mean to you, and so I sort of forgave him. His friends were rude and mean but he was so nice. While I was looking at Percy, my friends decide to talk about it.

"Oh my gosh Annabeth, pleeeease do not have crush on Percy freaking Jackson or any of his stupid friends. Their always so mean to us and everyone knows Percy is hot, cute and handsome but that means he will take advantage of you and he's an f boy. We don't want you to get hurt emotionally because of a stupid boy."

I know they're right about boys like that but Percy was something different and they don't know that. I love my friends for looking out for me but they didn't know the real Percy. Or maybe I'm seeing a fake side of him.

"Thanks guys, but I don't have a crush on him I was just looking. Thanks for having my back."

They were all about to say something but then everyone started to climb down the bleachers. I stood up and ran to the changing rooms. We changed in silence, and I rushed to get dressed. I ran out of the changing rooms into the gym. I stop at the door and open it quietly. Just realized that it took me literally 3 minutes to get changed.

I waited on the bleachers for someone to come. I looked around, careful scanning the architecture of the gym. I was so big and held up so much weight. I was gazing around and all of a sudden the gym door opens. I quickly stand up and head up the bleachers as if I just came and I'm about to take a seat. I turn around and it's Percy.

"Wise girl, what are you doing up there?"

"I don't know Seaweed Brain I'm bored."

"Ok well come back down I'll race you."

So I walk back down the bleachers while tying my hair into a ponytail.

"On 3? 1, 2, 3!" And we raced up the bleachers. Percy, being taller than me, won.

"That's not fair Percy. I am shorter than you and I have shorter legs." I complained.

"Oh quit it." He said playfully. I nudged my shoulder causing me to fall back. I slipped and almost fall backwards when Percy grabed my arm.

"I'm so sorry, are you ok?"

"I'm, I'm yeah, I'm good. That was close."

"Yeah I'm sorry, I didn't mean to push you that hard."

"It's ok." And so he pulled me up and I was about to say something but then the gym door opens.

"Annabeth!" It was Piper, my best friend. I walked down the bleachers to her and she hugged me really tight. She was absent for the first 2 weeks of school.

"When did you come? I didn't see you at the start of gym." I pulled out of the hug, looking at her.

"Oh um, I was sitting with Jason." She stumbled out. Jason was sitting with Percy and he is one of the nicer boys in Percy's group.

"Oh since when were you and Jason a thing?"

"We're not. I was just talking to him about our project." I don't know why, but Percy was laughing at this.

"Ok um, how are you?" Even though I knew the answer because we texted everyday. She was away with her dad on vacation. There's more to the story but it's long.

Percy walked down the bleacher up to us and was about to say something but everyone came rushing in. Piper ran over to Jason (what is up with those two?) which left me and Percy together. He walked up to me and comes close until his lips are by my ear. He says:

"We are going to talk about this later. Meet me at the library in the booth we were in last time after school."

"Ok." I whisper back. He runs over to his friends leaving me there but luckily my friends come over to me.

The rest of gym we played dodge ball. And if you need to know one thing, it's that I'm really good at dodge ball. And so is Percy apparently because we were the last two left. There's 5 rules to dodge ball. 1) If your hit with a ball below the waist, you're out. 2) If you're out, you stay out. 3) If the last person catches a ball from the other team then the whole team is back in. 4) If you catch a ball the person who threw it is out. 5) Don't injure someone or throw too hard or you're out.

I decided to take rule #3 and #4 into my next play. Percy threw the ball, but it was too low so I jumped over it. I threw a ball but he dodged it. We both pick up another ball and stare at each other. Everyone decided to comment.

"Come on hurry up. One of you throw the ball and lose already."

"Annabeth make sure you CATCH the ball!" That one got me mad so I replied.

"I know HOW TO PLAY." Percy smirks at my comment and I stick my tongue out. He threw the ball and everything went in slow motion from here. I dodged and threw mine, but he had picked up another one and threw it at my stomach. It hit my stomach and I held it there. I had caught the ball! I held the ball up and Percy looked like he was about to faint. My whole team came rushing back in, picking up a ball in there way. Everyone threw the ball in their hands at Percy, and he was out. My whole team cheered and many people I've never seen before patted my back.


I'm in the hallway and it smells like something I'm very familiar with. I'm not sure what, but Percy walks up to me and I realize what is making it smell so good.

"Hey Wise Girl."

"Hey Seaweed Brain."

"Haha, still calling me that?" He looked up at me with one eyebrow slightly up as if to say: please no.

"Yep, and I'm going to keep call you that, Seaweed Brain."

"Oh god. Oh got to go, make sure you come to the library after school."

So I did. After school I walked into the booth that me and Percy were in the other day, but instead of finding Percy I found two people kissing. I ran out of the booth as fast as I could. Ugh, high school. I wait outside and see Percy enter the library. I decide to tease him and I go into the next available booth. I look above the white wall that separates each booth, and I see Percy enter the booth we were in. He runs out of there just like I did and walks to the next booth which is mine. He stops at the doorway to enter the booth and pulls out his phone.

Um, go to the booth on the right of the one where we were, that one is... occupied. Percy

Look in the next booth Seaweed Brain. Annabeth x

And so he walks in and sees me and I smile at him.

"Hey Annabeth"

"Hey Percy. What did you want to tell me?"

"Well, a fun story. Piper called me about a week ago to text Jason to meet her at the fountain in the park by Cherry Hill at 7 pm. I ask why and all she says is 'just because' and I wanted to ask her about but then I was like well, it's not really my business so I let it slide. Then I told Jason and he responded with 'ok thanks'. I then go to the fountain at around 7 pm to see what they were doing, because it actually was my business. Anyway, Jason gets there and the Piper runs to Jason, Jason stands up and they hug really tight. Then they KISS. I was shook so I left. But if they are THAT close, don't they have each other's number? Why did Piper want ME to tell Jason, maybe she wanted me to know or something. And then this morning I saw them kissing in the hallway again and I think their secretly dating. Wow that was a lot." And it was, it took him around 6 minutes to say all of that.

"Wow, um, that was a lot to take in."

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