Chapter 23: Noah's Backstory

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So in this chapter I will be introducing new characters, the ones that y'all made up. There was three winners! So if you didn't win, I'm so very sorry. But do not worry! Over time I'll add some of y'all! (Also don't worry these characters will be introduced again VERY soon.)

3rd person POV

Years ago...

Noah sat on his bedroom floor crying. He could hear the loud bangs coming from down stairs, but the five year old was too scared to go down and take a look.

He got up and walked towards the door. He peaked out of the door, he could see the darkness and the door that leads to his sisters room. Quickly he ran to the room.

He ran towards his older sister Hailey that was in her bed asleep. Hailey was only nine at the time. "Hails! Hails wake up, I'm scared." He says shaking her. "Ugh Noah stop." She groans. "Hails wake up!" He pleads.

"What's wrong Noah?" Hailey asks angrily, she turns around and her gray eyes shine. "Mommy and daddy are fighting again." Noah cries. "Awww Noah it's okay." She says with sympathy, she pushed her black hair behind her ear.

Their younger sister who was 2 and named Alex wakes up from next to Hailey. She leans up and yawns, rubbing her blue eyes that were just like Noah's eyes. Her brown hair falls into her face. You could hear footsteps coming closer to the door. Noah jumps on the bed with Alex and Hailey.

The door opens and their other sibling Jack enters the room. He yawns his black hair just like Hailey's going into his eyes. Jack had beautiful brown eyes with a hint of gray. Jack is seven years old, the second oldest.

Every night Jack, Alex, Noah, and Hailey would hide in one of the siblings room. They would hide from their parents. Their mom and dad were in a arranged marriage which made the two hate each other.

But how couldn't they hate each other? They both had to leave their old lover to get married by force to someone they did not even know...

The mother loved her kids though. The father on the other hand was horrible. Sometimes he would even hit his kids and he would hit their mother all the time. It was sad, but at least they had a mother and each other.

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