Chapter 3- You Look Like Shit

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"So have I, do you see me acting like a piece of shit? No. I understand that people go through different things but it turns out good for them in the end. Some of us aren't so lucky. Let's just forget that it happened and go to English."

Blaire's POV
I know she's hurting, and I know that deep down something serious is going on but that does not mean that she gets to assume things about people.

I'm not protecting Brandon and his little club of douchebags, I'm just saying that we have all been friends forever and we all bond over our struggles. All of us went through something life changing and I can tell that Lydia did too.

Friday is Midnight Madness, and wether or not she's going, I'm going to attempt to get something out of her. I want her to be able to open up to us and if that means being completely honest about what happened to me then so be it.

It's time for the drunken honesty circle.

5 days later (Lydia's POV)
This week was very dramatic to say the least. To sum it up, it was a chain of events.

First, my brothers stupid drunk ass got a girl pregnant so now she has to stay with us. I mean she's actually really nice so I don't mind but it's just weird considering what we are actually running away from. To bring a baby into our mess is horrible, but things happen and I won't mind playing babysitter. Let's just hope our father doesn't find us.

Then Vince and Piper got together which is awesome for them but not so awesome for me and Blaire because Brandon and Nathan won't leave us alone now. And the icing on top the cake, Grace started dating Grayson so now we are being forced to hang out with her. Oh and my car broke down so now I have to take the bus home till we can get it fixed.

Tonight is midnight madness and apparently its tradition to kiss at midnight so apparently their Halloween is our New Years. Weirdos.

"So Lydia, what are you wearing tonight?" Piper questions, I smile. I'm confident in my answer. "I'm going to be a dark fairy."

"Oh come on! It's halloween! Be something hot! I've got a few things in my closet-"

"No way. I'm not trying to get attention drawn towards me-"

"Lydia, my brother, the biggest flirt in town is going to kiss you-"

"You mean he's going to attempt to kiss me-"

"Stop playing hard to get! It'll only make him want you more. I know you think you hate him but he's actually not that bad. All you have to do is talk to him for a little bit, he's been through a lot and this whole player thing is an act, trust me." Blaire says reassuringly, I chuckle.

"I've been through a lot too, you don't see me hooking up with every guy in my eye sight. I'm not trying to put any attention towards myself because my past will come back to haunt me. Trust me when I say you don't want that." Oh shit. Did I just say what I think I said? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Right on time the bell rang. Thank god.

"Um I'll see you guys at the party. Bye." Right as I was walking to catch the bus, Nathan caught up with me. "Hey Lydia! Do you want a ride?" I decided to say yes because I don't feel like dealing with people's bullshit on the bus today.

"Sure." The minute me got into the car, it was silent. That was until he decided to break the silence and turn the radio on. "Can I ask you something?" He questions, I sigh while looking out the window.

"That depends on what you're going to ask." I reply with a chuckle, he smiles. "Why do you hide behind this tough wall of hate and bitchiness?"

"I don't know, why do you and your friends fuck everything without a penis?" I reply sarcastically, he smirks. "Touché"

"Alright well since you asked me I have to ask you now. What really is midnight madness? I keep getting bits and pieces of information but I don't know exact details." He starts laughing. What the hell is he laughing at?

"Well let me fill you in. Midnight madness is basically an excuse for everyone to get drunk, for girls to dress slutty and for everyone party hard. People get high, have sex, dance, and sing. After all of the craziness, Me, Blaire, Piper and Gray help Vince clean up and we usually get so drunk that we start spilling secrets but that's a story for another time. Oh and the iconic midnight kiss. To be honest I have no idea how that even came to light, it just became  a thing. Any more questions?"

"Actually yes. This one is completely random but are you into Blaire? Because if you are I think you two would make a cute couple. I've seen the way you guys look at each other, it's got love written all over it."

"Nah, it's not like that-"

"Oh come on! You guys would be so adorable!"

"Lydia I don't think you understand." He replies with a chuckle, I look at him confused. "What do you mean?"

"She doesn't like me because she doesn't like boys. She's into girls." That was enough to make us go silent. "Oh." I said awkwardly, he just started laughing hysterically.

"It's not funny Nate I didn't know!" I punched his shoulder which only made him smirk. "You're cute when you're angry." He says randomly, I smirk.

"Only when I'm angry? Sorry dude, I'm cute all the time!" I reply while doing a hair flip. Its a joke. Don't get triggered.

"Yeah, You are." I didn't know how to respond. I was being sarcastic but I'll take it. "That was supposed to be a joke." I reply awkwardly with a chuckle, his face starts turning red.

"Well I mean it, you are. I know that I have no right saying it because it violates bro code with Brandon but-"

"I don't like Brandon. And I never will, he's too conceded for my taste. I like the nice guys." It felt like we were having a moment until we stopped right at my house and my brother basically pulled me out of the car.

"Where the hell have you been?" He snaps, I chuckle. "Chill out Enzo, my friend drove me home-"

"Oh well that's nice. Get in the house. We need to go. Now." There was a sense of panic in his voice, I chuckle again. "Why Enz-"

"Just get it the house!" He shouted, I sigh and get out. "Thanks for the ride Nate, I'll see you at the party." Once Nathan drove away, my brother started looking around frantically. I knew that could only mean one thing.

Our fathers coming.
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