Chapter 32 - Third Case: The Chase

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"Fucking plan," the pissed Reaper said.

Sir Hiroshi and Ken were standing on each side of him. He was bound by a rope and a gun was pointed at his head. The other Shinigami was in the same situation with Hiro and Sir Hayate, but my brows furrowed when I saw floating letters in the air.

"I see. A a trapping rope, right?" the smoking Shinigami said.

"Yes," sagot ni Sir Hiroshi. "Move a little and you'll be in pieces."

"Pathetic plan."

I realized I was holding my breath for too long and I had to exhale slowly because of the stress that built up after watching that whole ordeal.

"Fucking boring," the pissed Shinigami muttered as he moved his head from side to side. The next thing I knew, he was already yelling as small blades appeared from the rope and it pierced his body.

"Your fault," Sir Hiroshi taunted.

"That fucking hurts!"

Nanlaki naman ang mga mata ko nang tumutulo na ang dugo mula sa katawan niya pero parang wala lang sa kanya ang nangyayari. Napatingin ulit ako sa isa pang Shinigami na hawak nina Hiro at Sir Hayate. He was just staring blankly at the wall and he felt more frightening than the other one. Napakunot naman ang noo ko nang may makita akong kakaiba sa kanya.

"Riye, Reiji, tingnan n'yo 'yong brown-haired Shinigami. Ano 'yong parang transparent na nakapaligid sa kanya?"

"Huh? Saan nee-chan?"

"I can't see anything."

Nagkatinginan kaming tatlo. Teka, bakit hindi nila nakikita? Was I just hallucinating? But that transparent field was slowly expanding.

"It looked like a thin veil. Parang usok. It's expanding," I described and Reiji moved closer to the screen.

"I have a bad feeling about this. Do you remember what happened a while ago? They were repelled when the Shinigamis suddenly appeared."

"Oh my gosh. You mean—"

Bago pa matapos ni Riye ang sasabihin niya ay hinanap ko kaagad kung may mic button ba sa controls. Pagkakita ko ro'n ay agad ko 'yong pinindot habang nakatingin sa screen.

"Hiro! Sir Hayate! Get away from him! He's going to release an explosive force! Just like what happened earlier!"

They immediately reacted to my words but that guy was faster than them. A huge bast of air threw them against the wall, as well as the trapping rope tied around him.

Hinanap ko kaagad sila sa screen at nakahinga ako nang maluwag nang makita kong hindi naman sila gaanong nasaktan.

"What the fuck? Control your power!" the black-haired Shinigami complained. "The statue is more important than your fucking life."

"Disappointing," the smoking Shinigami muttered. "I didn't kill them." Bigla naman siyang napatingin sa CCTV at nagtama ang paningin namin. "There's a spectator."

"Annoying. I'll take care of her," he said and he suddenly vanished.

I knew what would happen. My body trembled but we were given orders. We needed to protect Ma'am Ana's family.

"Riye! Reiji! Protect them!" sigaw ko at agad silang tumakbo papunta kina Ma'am Ana.

"Hi, little girl."

Muntik na akong mapasigaw nang may marinig akong boses malapit sa tenga ko. I stepped back, turned around, and saw the Shinigami who was in the Display Room a second ago. "Surprised?" he mocked with a vile smile.

I was sure I'd be greeting death in a moment but my heart sank when he suddenly turned where Riye, Reiji and Ma'am Ana's family were. My instinct took over and I summoned my bow and arrows. I targeted his open wounds and he howled in pain.

I managed to get his attention back to me but this time, the smile on his face disappeared and was replaced with a more pissed expression.

"D-don't come near them, or else, I'll . . . I'll . . . k-kill you!"

I bit my lips after that statement? Kill him? Who was I kidding? I wasn't that strong to face him!

Bigla naman siyang tumawa nang malakas. "Then prove it," he coldly said as he lunged at me.

Tumakbo ako palayo sa kanya para rin makalayo kami kina Riye. Pumunta ako sa hallway habang nakasunod pa rin siya sa akin pero napasigaw ako nang bigla na lang siyang nagpaputok ng baril. He was continuously shooting at me and I tumbled when he hit my right arm. He didn't stop. I was grazed by bullets all over my body and I was just thankful that the woulds I received weren't critical. Pero napahinto ako nang ma-realize kong dead-end ang nalikuan ko.

Even though he was still far from me, I could still see the triumphant smile on his face when he saw the dead end. Napatingin ako sa gilid at huminga nang malalim. I didn't have a choice.

I jumped from the window on the third floor and I stifled a yell when I felt the time of my fall. I ended up on top of the bushes and the impact of the fall knocked the wind out of my lungs. A stabbing pain coursed through my body and I couldn't focus my sight for a moment. I took a deep breath and even that hurt but I immediately stood up and ran.

Nakarinig ako ng pagbagsak kaya alam kong tumalon din sa bintana ang Shinigami. Nanghihina na ang katawan ko at ramdam ko rin ang pagtulo ng dugo mula sa mga daplis ng bala sa balat ko. I realized my feet were dragging me toward that room.

Nasa first floor na ako at naisip ko ang Display Room pero baka lalo lang silang mapahamak kung babalik ang Shinigami na 'to roon.

"Goodbye, little girl," the Shinigami said and when I glanced back, he was already aiming his gun at my head.

My life flashed in front of my eyes as the Shinigami pulled the trigger. I waited for my death but I suddenly heard a loud thump. The next thing I knew, the Shinigami was already writhing on the ground in pain. Pagtingin ko, blood was gushing from his side.

"Don't touch my student, you jerk."

Napatingin ako sa harapan ko at halos maiyak ako nang makita ko si Ma'am Reina na naglalakad papunta sa amin.

"So, you are Reaper Kyuuya," she said while coldly looking down at the wounded Shinigami.

"Then you must be that famous Shinigami tracker," the Shinigami grumbled.

"Oh. I'm that famous? But sorry, you're under arrest."

The Shinigami just scoffed at her. "You think you can arrest me, bitch? Try and die."

Suddenly, I felt a mixture of warm and cold, yet tingling sensation enveloping us. That was the same feeling I felt when the cloaked person vanished in the forest. He was planning to get away. Before he could teleport elsewhere, I held the end of his cloak and the next thing I knew, I was already in a dark place similar to the eerie hallway.

"What the . . ."

I looked around to see where we went but I couldn't see anything beside him and darkness. That was when I realized . . . I vanished with him.

But . . . where the heck are we?


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