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[ between bitch benson and seph😳]

i want to put everything behind us
and i know you've wanted to do that for a while now
i'm stubborn and i was angry
but joe told me how lovely you've been and how apologetic you are and i want to sort things out, at least a little

bitch benson;
i am honestly so sorry
i know i fucked up, i fucked you over and i fucked the rest of the girls over too
i was in a shitty place and that's no excuse
but i'm so sorry
i miss you, you know?
we were best friends and things ended so fucking badly

i know they did and i really wish they hadn't but the past is the past
if ur willing to be totally civil and at least get on again for now — i am too.
i miss you too, at least what we used to be

bitch benson;
i want that more than anything, sephy
not friends
just acquaintances, yeah?
for now

acquaintances, indeed:)

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mega boring chapter n it was short i'm sorry :(

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