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Driving through the countryside, he clearly had no intentions of bringing me back any time soon. I should have been at least a little frightened that I was with someone who seemed obsessively desperate to get me alone and away from where I was normally accounted for, especially someone who seemed to carry a bundle of secrets about himself.

No one knew where we were; I didn't know where we were. Far outside the city limits, I could see more farm land ahead. We drove down a winding road and eventually broke off to the left starting up a steep incline. The valley below was completely drenched by the morning sun. My ears felt muffled and I tried yawning to pop them again.

We ended up on a road that was blocked with thick cables looped through cement posts, marking its end. Upon parking, he ripped the keys from the ignition and leaned back in his seat, drawing in a deep breath. He opened the door and stepped out to stretch his legs. I shrugged into the red hoodie I had left in the backseat from earlier this morning when the air was cool. Somehow it offered protection. Protection from what? I didn't know, but I needed that security.

He opened the passenger side of the door, "I want to show you something."

"You still owe me an explanation." I scowled at him and crossed my arms, determined to not take a step out of the jeep.

"I just needed to come up here to clear my head before I get started, that's all." I hesitated; my eyes scrutinizing him. "Come on, Jules. It's only a bit up the trail. I promise I'll tell you everything once we get to the bluffs." He held out his hand for me to join him.

"The bluffs? You plan on pushing me?" I stepped next to him, stubbornly folding my arms and ignoring his hand.

We walked side by side down the dirt path covered by a canopy of trees. "I wanted to tell you the truth last Saturday, but after learning about the shadowshifting, I felt that anything beyond that would be overwhelming for you. By the middle of this week, I'd convinced myself that keeping the truth from you couldn't hurt especially since things between us were finally coming together. But you deserve to know how deep my need to be your friend is. What it's rooted from."

We moved through the tall canopy of trees until we came to a bright overlook. My eyes widened at the sight of the rocky bluffs that stretched out before us. Grassy Cove, in all of its green beauty, sat thousands of feet below us. Farms and tiny homes were scatter throughout the valley. To my right another rock shelf was separated from the one that I stood on by a crevice only a few feet wide. The drop had to have been close to a hundred feet, and I shivered at the thought of plummeting.

Broderick stepped closer behind me and whispered, "Welcome to Black Mountain. Breathtaking isn't it?"

I opened my mouth to speak but didn't want to interrupt the peace and beauty with my noise. Nodding, I stared off into the magnificence until Broderick stepped beside me and began talking. His voice was the perfect tribute to the scenery. "I come here often when I need to get away from everything, to clear my head. Like you, when you're on your roof."

I sat down on the bluff edge and securely wrapped my arms around my legs to shield them from the chilly morning air. The sun cast a brilliant orange across the sky. Broderick sat down next to me with one of his legs dangling off of the edge and the other propping his arm up, in which he rested his head. He looked at me good and hard, debating on whether to continue his confession. He stared at the sunrise and breathed deeply. "Do you believe in divine intervention?"

The closest to divine intervention I could think of was the howling noise I heard in the woods near our homes on the night Gavin came to see me. "Yeah, I do."

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