Chapter Twelve

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The set of keys made a jiggling sound  in Amanda's hands as she fiddled around to find the one that opened the store. Cynthia stood behind her, quiet as a lamb and apparently ready to impress on her first week at the store.

Amanda had went over earlier in the morning to offer her a ride in her car instead of both of them leaving out in the separate vehicles. She had taken her up on the offer and left her car in her driveway and riden with Amanda in her's.

Amanda was getting frustrated with the keys and threw up her hands in exasperation.

Cynthia cleared her throat and said, "let me try"

Amanda backed away and handed her the keys in defeat.

Cynthia rolled up her sleeves and started inserting the key in the slot. Amanda eyed her as she frowned and concentrated on getting the door open. Couple minutes after they heard a click! and the door was open.

"Thank you" Amanda said gratefully.

Cynthia nodded in response and they entered the store.

"What can I do to start?" Cynthia asked eagerly. She was dressed in a long sleeved pink blouse and denim jeans which hugged her curves nicely. Amanda walked up to the counter and placed her bag on top, turning to her.

"Umm, you can open the windows, let some air come in and uh....we normally wipe the floors, I'll deal with the counter" she finished.

"Aye aye captain" Cynthia said and Amanda laughed.

She opened the windows and turned the "closed" sign around so it now said "open" then started sweeping the whole store using the broom Amanda had pointed out to her. 

Amanda swiped the counter back and forth with the rag she normally used for that purpose, all the while peering out of her eyes at Cynthia working dutifully. She was almost done when Brianna strolled in, a broad smile on her face and a box of doughnuts in her right hand, waving it around.

"Doughnuts anyone?!" She cried cheerfully and propped them on the counter.

"Good morning to you too" Amanda said sarcastically.

She laughed and waved her hand at Cynthia who had finished sweeping the store and was walking towards them, "Morning Cynthia".

"Good morning Brianna, oooh doughnuts. I love doughnuts" she said.

"Then here you go" Amanda offered and gave her a chocolate one with sprinkles all over it on a napkin.

"Thank you" she said and took a bite out of the sweet treat hungrily.

"Oh good thing Cynthia is here, I'm feeling very very lazily this morning" Brianna yawned earning a glare from Amanda and a laugh from Cynthia.

Amanda folded her arms and pouted her lips. "What makes you so......lazy or rather I should say, so tired this morning"

Brianna yawned and winked her eye at Amanda, "oh, you already know".

Amanda burst out laughing and shook her head, "actually I don't and I don't want to know either" she said inbetween fits of laughter.

"It's a really good sto...." Brianna began and Amanda covered her ears, drowning out her voice and watching as Cynthia doubled over with laughter.

It was already 11:03 am and Amanda tore her eyes away from the clock as the bell jinkled signaling the entrance of the first customer for the day.

The man and woman sauntered in, hand in hand. She wore a slightly too big dress for her size which was evident and giving away the fact that she was pregnant and trying to hide the not too visible bump protruding from under the dress.

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