My new life begins

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When Blaze and the man reached the forest the man, whos name was Thor turned and spoke three words "training starts now" and with that he lit himself on fire and lunged at Blaze 

Blaze lit himself as well and launched and made a fire spear throwing it at the last moment hitting Thor straight in the leg making him land in a heap on the floor his flame extinguished and he didn't get up, Blaze cautiously Crepped up fearing the worst, surly he  can't have killed his trainer. As he went to touch him Thor's hand roared on fire and shot a orb at Blaze's chest taking him by surprise he flew back landing with a thump after doing two 360 spins in the air. Blaze got to his feet feeling dizzy and Thor spoke "good good but still loads more to go...again" This time he shot a rare fire called hellfire from his hands which very few people can conjure, then he kept firring waves of flames, barley getting away Blaze  threw himself to the side and shot his own wave back missing Thor by inches.

Blaze decided it was time to let Thor know of his second power, and with that he made an arrow from water and shot it threw the turning it to ice at the last moment. The arrow went straight threw Thor's right arm making a massive hole which quickly healed up as Thor used his fire to close the hole

Thor looked up and smiled, "Blaze Your new life starts here you must learn all four elements and use them to defeat the mighty phoenix" Blaze looked back and nodded unsure weather it was the right thing to do.....

Wow guys lol as u can see it is slightly based on born of fire but different. Lol plz vote and comment thanks chapter three will be here soon

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