Chapter Six: Surprise on GTlive

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Vira pov

     We entered the house and Steph and Matpat ran to the GTlive room,only to discover that Jason and Chris hadn't come yet. We all waited for 15 minutes until he and Chris came with doughnuts and coffee.

        " What the ff-rick guys! Why are you so late?!?" asked Matpat as Jason went to his computer.

     " Nice save, Matt," I said sarcasticly. Ara giggled in the background.

      " We went to get food but the store was so crowded and-" Matpat cut Chris off. " Just,please get the stream started. And guys,these are the girls that I said we were adopting," he said. Jason smiled at me and Ara while Chris simply said "Hey," and awkwardly waved at us.

          Matpat opened the stream like normal.

"Hey guys and welcome,to GT.... late!Yup we're  20 minutes late today!"

"#blamejason! " I shouted from the side,getting very excited at the thought of being on GT live.

"And before we play today's game,we have two people to introduce you to,as you can tell by the voice that just screamed '#blamejason '" said Steph.

"So,Stephanie and I have been thinking. Not just about FNAF and the usual,but about our lives. I mean,we knew we had each other,but we felt like we weren't exactly complete. We felt like we needed someone else in our lives,without, the.... THANG. So...we decided to bring in not one,but two people in our lives. That's right. We decided to adopt. And now,I present to you,our beautiful daughters that we brought home,literally just today."

"Vira Lana Patrick and Ara Lina Patrick."

Steph motioned for us to come and sit with them. Ara excitedly jumped on Steph's lap and I sat in-between the two of them.

   "Introduce yourselves girls!" said Matpat. Ara went first.

  "Hi peoples,"she said, smiling goofily," I'm Ara. I'm 5 years old and I like Princesses. My birthday is on the 28th of June "
"Hey! I'm Vira. I'm actually a YouTuber too,@viralbutnotreally and I sing and do covers .  *hashtag fingers *Hastag self-advertising. Anyways, I'm 12, almost 13. My birthday is 12 October(in this story it's supposed to be around that time...) and I was and am a big fan of GT. I don't want to keep on talking,so let's get on with the game," I say confidently. My YouTube side is the opposite of me in real life.

Matpat pov

     Okay,I was pretty shocked. The unconfident and shy Vira was eaten up by a new and confident Vira. It just came out of nowhere. Must be her YouTube personality. A lot of YouTubers have it. They are so confident on camera as compared to real life. Vira seemed like a professional at this.

    " Alright, thank you girls. Well,today we are playing Bendy And The Ink Machine, Chapter 3 but we are revealing the secrets......."

    Vira was a pro at BATIM,yet she claims she never played it but only watched people play it on YouTube.

    " And that's how you get the  bone to give Boris ,right Jason? "(a/N try saying bone to give to Boris 5 times fast) she said. Jason, who had researched how to unlock the secrets of the game, agreed with everything that Vira said.

    "Hey Vira,show Matpat and Steph how to get the Tommy gun ," Jason said.

After the stream....

        "Did I do okay?" asked Vira. Shy Vira was back.

   " You were awesome Vira! You did some things that even Jason didn't research, " I exclaimed.  Steph nodded,so did Ara.

  " You did so good Sissy! " said Ara,smiling goofily. Vira hugged Ara and kissed her forehead.

    " You did good too Arial," she replied," and you've never watched a stream."

  Ahhhh! They were so cute. I gave Steph a peck on her cheek.

     " What was that for?" asked Steph.
    " No reason... I just love you," I said with a baby face. Steph playfully pushed my face away,causing Ara and Vira to laugh.

         We send the kids to go to sleep a few hours after playing some games, promising that they could paint their rooms tomorrow. It's still weird saying 'the girls' and 'the kids'. It's only the first day,so why am I so worried?  Maybe I just want to be a good dad....

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