Chapter 4

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Previously on Chapter 3

That's how I spend my weekend. Peter stayed at my place the whole day. We played music, sing and watch some movie together. We continue to hang out, until it was starting to get late. "I better get going" he said, standing up. I escort him to the front door. He waves at me before walking away.

I went to my room and took my pyjamas. I head to the bathroom and take a shower. Once I'm done, I flop myself on my bed and close my eyes. Slowly fall asleep.



It's early in the morning. I was awoken by the sound of the front door knocking. I groaned and got up. I head to the front door and opens it to reveal Peter. "Peter" I say surprised. He always seems to visit me a lot.

He smiles "morning.... May I come in?" He asks. I move aside "yeah sure" I say smiling. He went inside, then he head towards the living room. I followed after him. "Wait here while I get ready" I say smiling at him. He nods, smiling at me.

I head to my room after grabbing my outfit for the day. I start to strip and begin showering. I relax as the warmth engulfing me.

Once I'm done. I head outside and enters my bedroom. I'm not really a fan on make ups so I just put a thin layer, just so I don't look so pale. I walk towards the full body mirror and look at my reflection.

(This will be your outfit for the day)

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(This will be your outfit for the day)

"Good enough" I say to myself, smiling. I head outside and enters the living room, where Peter is relaxing on the couch. He turns to me and smile "wow, hip hop style? It suits you" he said. I giggle "why thank you. You don't look so bad as well" I say. He stands up "shall we go?" He asks. I nod in respond.

We walk out of the house. I turn around to lock my apartment door, then we leave for college. I really am glad that I could meet someone like Peter. He's been so nice to me. I'd be walking alone if I don't have him as my friend. The word friend made my heart ache a bit. Why? Because the truth is... I've been growing feelings for Peter. But I never dare to confess, because 1. I don't wanna ruin our friendship, 2. I don't want the others to judge him for dating a freak like me, and 3. He's just gonna leave me like how others did. I feel bad for doubting him, but I just can't help it. Everyone always leave me. Everyone but Gwen.

After a while of walking in comfortable silent, we finally reach the university. I made my way to the locker to put my bag and grab the book I need for the first subject. I close the locker and turn around about to leave. But out of no where someone slams me to the locker, making me fall of to the floor. I groan in pain at the impact. I look up to see a group of 5 girls hovering me. "You stay away from Peter! This is your warning!" One of them said. I stood up and smirk at her "why should I listen to you?" I ask, mockingly. She steps back surprise, then she looks angry. She reach towards me and grab my collar "listen here loser! Who do you think you're talking to?!" She spat at my face. I make a disgusted voice "ugh. Say it! don't spray it" I say annoyed. She looks even more angry. She slams me once again to the locker. "Girls! Finish her off" she said. "Okay Janice (sorry if that's your name)" they respond. 'Janice... so... That's her name' I thought. The girls turn to me and start beating me up.

I'm pretty beaten up. Janice walks over to me and was about to punch me. But I grab her hand. A flash of image flash before my eyes. So she's a prostitute. "Janice James.... A girl who used to be a huge nerd. Came from a very poor family. Become a prostitute at the age of 13" I say out loud. She looks scared "h-how did you?" She asked, a look of pure horror is plastered on her face. I smirk "that's for me to know and for you to find out. So that's how you get all your money" I say. Her friends look disgusted, probably to the fact that she spends money on them is the money she receive from selling herself. They all walk away leaving her behind. She was about to walk away "oh and 1 more thing... Tell this to anyone and your secret will be spread" I say smiling creepily. She flinch and nod her head, then she ran away. I sigh... I feel bad for acting like that. But I did so, so that no one will know about my secret.

The bell rings and I hurriedly make my way to my first class. 'Phewww... The teacher isn't here yet' I thought. I made my way to my usual seat. The teacher enters the room and the lesson starts.

It was soon lunch time. I made my way to the cafeteria in silent. I jump when someone wrap an arm around my shoulder. I turn to see who it was... Peter. "Gosh! You scared me" I scold him. He laughs in respond "sorry" he said, but clearly he's enjoying this. I roll my eyes at him. We continue making our way to the cafeteria.

We reach the cafeteria. Peter leads me to a seat and gesture me to sit down. " I'll buy us something to eat" He say and walks away, before I could protest.

While waiting I heard a few whispers around me. "What... No way! She can't possibly able to do that" "yeah! She can... She make contact with Janice and she starts talking about her past. By the look of Janice face, it must be true" is what I heard. I look around and caught their eyes staring at me. They look away instantly.

'Shit!' I thought. I got up and run away. "Y/N! Wait" I heard Peter yelled, but I didn't stop. I run until I reach to rooftop. Peter caught up not not too long after.


*to be continued*

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