Tiny Klaine Stories: Ticklish Kurt

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I'm sorry for the late update but gotta tell you that it's a very new kind of story!

It's a story made of 5 scenes & I wrote each scene from both Blaine & Kurt's point of view!!

Enjoy!!! ^_^

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Tiny Klaine Stories: Ticklish Kurt

*Scene1 from Blaine's P.O.V*

As I was passing by the choir room at Dalton, a shining white light caught my eye. I stopped & turned to find Kurt, the most beautiful boy I've ever seen in my entire life, sitting on one of those expensive couches. He was writing or maybe drawing something. All I could see was him concentrating on that piece of paper, looking down in a way his lovely eyelashes were touching his cheeks. At that point I was just smiling at his perfection & stood there for I don't know how long & even noticed him smiling, maybe at what he was doing, I wasn't sure.

I should add that, I've been in love with him since the moment he sang "Black Bird". After I confessed my feelings for him & found out that he felt the same way, I felt like I was the happiest guy on planet Earth!!

And after that I really really really wanted to kiss him but I didn't get the courage to.

But that doesn't mean that I don't want to kiss him everytime he...

_:"Oh, hi Blaine!!!" Some where between my thoughts he had stopped doing what he was doing & was now looking at me with those wonderfully beautiful blue eyes &..."Oh I have to say something!!" I thought inside & replied:"Hi! What are you doing?" I said & went to sat beside him.

As soon as I did he took the paper he was working on & pushed it into his bag. "Weird!" I thought.

_:"Uhm... I was just... Just... Uhm doing some home work, yea I was doing some home work!!" And then he greened.

I don't know why but I had the feeling he was lying to me.

*Scene1 from Kurt's P.O.V*

I was sitting on one of Dalton's expensive couches drawing something, a huge dream actually!! I was drawing Blaine & I kissing!

Not that I'm an expert at drawing but I was trying to create a curly haired boy & a brown haired boy kissing.

"Aaaah what if this could happen today?" I thought & smiled to how lovely the scene & the feeling could be.

As I was drawing I thought of how long we've been together without kissing. I'm not saying that I'm the girl in our relationship but I thought it was him who had to kiss me first! So I was just waiting for the it to actually happen.

After a while I felt like someone was staring, so I held my head up & saw that perfect boy friend of mine standing in the doorway, looking at me & smiling at me like an angel.

_:"Oh, hi Blaine!" I managed to say.

It took him quite a while to respond:"Hi! What are you doing?"

He said & came closer to sit beside me.

"He can't see the drawing, oh no!!!" I thought & immediately took the paper & pushed it into my bag. "He'll make fun of me for being such a silly romantic!" He looked at me as I did what I did & I can swear I heard his thoughts which were:"weird!" But then it was my turn to respond to his question, which I had no intend to give the correct answer to:"Uhm... I was just... Just...-Come on Kurt, make something up- Uhm doing some home work, yea I was doing some home work!!" I said, greening like a complete idiot!!

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