ii. dread

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pairings&characters: dating!sokeefe

genre: romance, fluff, angst, humor, au

rating: k+

summary: keefe has a sense of dread. foster makes him spill.


Keefe entered the dorm room quietly as possible, trying not to make his presence known. His plan was set to sneak up on his unsuspecting girlfriend and he didn't want to ruin it. Her reaction would be grand and he knew it—it always was with her. Especially the way she seemed livid afterwards and turned into some feisty spitfire that couldn't be contained. Her face would sometimes turn a light shade of red that was almost pink when she was angry and she'd try to clench her fists—but they didn't really look clenched. They looked like a kitten's paws curling up. It never failed in making him laugh.

He crept around the house, trying to figure out where she was, until his nose caught wind of an enticing scent, and he headed over to the kitchen curiously. Sophie was standing in front of the stove in the frilly purple apron that he was sure Biana must have gotten her, bobbing her head slightly in time to whatever she was listening to. She was cutting up onions on the chopping board as he walked into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes with the sleeve of her shirt every few seconds and clearly trying to fight her tears from the stinging pain. There was a box of uncooked pasta on the counter and another covered pot on the stove puffing out steam every few seconds.

Keefe watched Sophie as she swiveled her hips in time to the song and mouthed the lyrics, a small smile growing on his face as she goofed off. There was a splatter of tomato sauce on her cheek and a little on her nose, but she didn't seem to notice it at all. But this was the perfect opportunity. She didn't appear to notice him at all.

Given that even the smallest of small things could startle her, he decided to simply creep up behind her. He wrapped his arms sneakily around her waist, holding her close and nuzzling her hair. She jumped with tiniest frightened yelp and he chuckled, popping an earbud out of her ear, the kissing the earlobe. "Whatcha makin'?"

"Oh my god, Keefe. You gave me a heart attack," she hissed.

"Do I need to hail Elwin? You know I have him on speedial," he teased. She simply rolled her eyes, but she scrunched up her nose and the corners of her mouth twitched when. "Man, babe, you are a sight for sore eyes. . ." he murmured, dropping a soft kiss on her waiting lips.

She hummed in pleasure, smiling against his lips. When he pulled away, her cheekbones faintly flushed in a shade of pink. "Rough day, I presume?"

"You could say that. It was kind of just a normal day for me. I hate job hunting. But at least I'm not in Foxfire anymore—those mentors are hell. I pity you. Did you buy water?"

"Fridge," she replied, sliding the onions into the biggest pot before mixing it. "You'll get a job soon, I'm sure. You've got great credentials and you did good in school, despite that you hated it. Well. . . minus the ditching habit."

"Thanks. And, hey, if I hadn't been ditching that one day, I wouldn't have met you, so I believe we've learned a very powerful lesson here." He let go of Sophie, walking over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. His mind had obviously strung back to the job topic within the few seconds because he said, "I just hope I can get one I like."

"Well. . ." she drew out the word, gesturing to the stove top. "I've got a treat for you that'll make the whole day better."

He rose a brow, glancing at her over his shoulder in amusement. "What, a trip to the Healing Center because you decided to cook?"

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