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{ in which lisa has trouble sleeping, and decides to step outside to get some fresh air }

lisa looked out of her windows, which framed the bright stars hanging across the night sky.

a deep sigh escaped from her lips, forming wisps of smoke at the tip of her nose. she clutched on to the mug of hot cocoa in her hands, silently counting each and every twinkling light in the black canvas above.

lisa couldn't sleep for the third consecutive night.

nothing specific was keeping her awake, yet she couldn't seem to drift off to a deep slumber every time she tried to lay on her pillows and close her eyes.

she reckoned it was the chilly nights of autumn which kept her awake, lisa doesn't like feeling cold.

gingerly, she pulled the sleeves of her sweater over her arms and got up from the couch, making her way towards the balcony with soft footsteps.

the door slid open with slight struggles and irritating screeches which echoed around her quiet apartment.

it's the first time lisa set foot in her balcony, she never bothered to admire the night sky while feeling the cold breeze brush past her cheeks. lisa doesn't like feeling cold.

she stood there, her gaze travelling across the city view. tall black blocks wrapped in tiny christmas lights, lisa noted.

another sip of hot cocoa sent a comforting trail of warmth down her body and she closed her eyes to take in the mix of warmth and cold around her.

maybe being in the balcony wasn't such a bad idea after all.


soft whimpers snapped lisa out of her trance and she turned to the direction of the sound.

a petite brunette sat in the balcony next to lisa's apartment. her hands were thrown over her face as she sobbed, her ragged breath evident every few seconds.

lisa raised her eyebrows, wondering if she should help out or pretend she saw nothing.

she recognised this girl as her neighbour, they occasionally stole glances at each other but never really bothered to strike up a conversation.

lisa pursed her lips and reluctantly settled her warm mug on the tiny chair beside her, lisa doesn't like feeling cold.

"hey, are you okay over there?"

well, obviously not. lisa cursed at herself under her breath at how stupid her question sounded. the girl's crying intensified, shaking her head vigorously in response to lisa.

lisa gazed worriedly at her, leaning over the railing which separated both of their balconies.

and the next second, she was struggling to throw herself over to the other side, determined to comfort her neighbour.

after a few grunts and a tiny yell, lisa stood in the girl's balcony, dusting the specks of dust off her sweatpants and fixing the strands of hair strewn across her face.

"i'm here." she beamed, amazed at herself for being so weird at this hour of the night.

the brunette's head shot up upon hearing the cheery voice, her eyes swollen red from crying and her hair dishevelled.

with no words spoken, the girl grabbed lisa by the waist and pulled her closer, sobbing into the taller girl's chest. and at this moment, lisa realised how much the shorter girl's hazel brown orbs had always intrigued her, and she was suddenly dying to know everything about the girl crying in her arms.

gently, she placed her hands on the brunette's head, her long fingers running through the silky soft hair as she comforted her.

"what happened?"


"oh i'm sorry i won't talk." lisa mumbled, her eyes focused on the girl's shoulders. she heaved a huge sigh of relieve, seeing that the girl was no longer crying her eyes out.

lisa's heart was racing furiously in her chest, and she didn't want to know why.

the girl lifted her head from lisa's chest weakly, taking in deep breaths to recover from the intense crying earlier. they looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity, before the brunette finally spoke up.

"what's your name?"

"it's lisa." lisa breathed out, the girl's voice was enchantingly soft and raspy. a cheeky smile flashed across lisa's face,

"and yours?"

"i'm jennie."

the two girls accompanied each other deep into the chilly night, and for once, lisa likes feeling cold.


[ a/n: hello readers!! this is my first time writing short stories so forgive me if it's bad hurhur i'll update this book once in awhile so stay tuned 👌🏻 thank you for reading 💕💕 ]

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