26 Letters

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As children we're are groomed to believe 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'. Truth is; words hurt. So much. They rip and tear and leave gaping holes in a confidence that was already shaky to begin with. We are then so afraid to use our own words to seek help, in fear of being labeled an 'attention getter' a 'whiner' a 'crybaby'. To face the facts, we are stronger than words. The weapons used against us are only 26 small letters arranged in a way that can cause you pain, but let me remind you all, we are all born to live.

It is simple to lose sight of the fact that we are stronger than ink, stronger than a text message, stronger than the things others choose to hurl at our direction. We are warriors dressed in band t-shirts and jeans, fighters armed with a pencil and a sheet, or the keyboard at a desk. We are boys and girls, and some in between, who are being led by the mantra of 'tomorrow will be better'. We grow with the times and adapt to the changes every day proving we are more than we were the day before.

We are the leaders of tomorrow, those who can, and those who WILL be a voice for years to come. Yet often we may be afraid of parting our lips to share a light that burns inside.

A light so bright that those who wish to diminish us are afraid will show. Those whose own light may be dimmed, those who themselves are being hurt, behind every hater is someone who can be helped. It is then up to us, the writers, the speakers, the outspoken and silent alike, to use the weapons thrown at us to be the change we need.

I cannot promise tomorrow is better, but what I can say is simple. What tries to defeat you today, will not succeed tomorrow. Every day you continue brings you closer to a moment where the fears of today will be only an empty memory tomorrow.

We are the ones who can change, we are the voice now and the days to come. We can and will continue to survive in a world that is filled with those wanting to tear us down.

Every hurtful word, every hurtful phrase, is only 26 letters arranged in a way to cause doubt. We can arrange those same letters, and write our own path. Those 26 letters can build us up stronger if we choose to take a stand and rearrange them.

How will you rearrange your letters?

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