European Interiors With Matelasse Furnishings

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Matelasse (pronounced as matt-le-say) is truly a word of French source which refers to cushioned, lined or quilted cloth. Therefore, as the phrase mean, it can be used for describing a fabric which creates an illusion of being quilted but is actually not. Most often [ Get More Information] jacquard looms are used for creating matelasse fabrics as well as cotton as the most common material decided for the specific weaving process which provides its genuine signature appearance to the fabric.


The matelasse materials carry an especially characteristic trait of indentations, raised patterns and padded appearance to provide an illusion of being quilted. It's the use of peculiarity looms in the generation of matelasse cotton which facilitates intricate designs and styles to charm preferences and the varied tastes of people.


Cotton matelasse is popularly-used for creating house furnishing things like bedspreads, coverlets, slipcovers, shams etc. Actually, matelasse coverlets and matelasse beddings are rather a proffered selection among individuals in general.

Fashion Quotient

Matelasse cloths are associated with European home decor fashions as they normally represent of Jacquard weaving merchandises.


These fabrics get ruined if tried washing at home using driers and house washers and call for specific care as the genuine high-end matelasse materials are susceptible to shrinking. Thus, it truly is counseled to use professional cleaner for cleaning these unique materials.

Astounding Facts

Though matelasse cotton is completely used for coverlets, producing designer beddings and other house furnishing goods, but interestingly, internationally distinguished [ Get More Information] fashion designers like Ellen Tracy & Gabbana, Dolce and Michael Kors have used this cloth for making clothings and apparels at the same time!


His advanced procedure continues to be used to make matelasse materials which else shrewd could only be produced through lengthy hours of hand-sewing by trained workers.

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