Yandere! Possessive! Ayase Eli x Cold! Female! Reader

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Hey Fleet!! So this request was made by flaky1606

Also, the code for this one will be:

(Y/FD) Your Favorite Drink

(Y/EC) Your Eye Color

(Y/HC) Your Hair Color

(Y/HL) Your Hair Length

Apart from the general code you have in the description of the book.

Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader.

Disclaimer: I do not own Love Live, nor the image.

That will pretty much it, so now... READ ME, SENPAI!


Russian Roulette

Your POV

Ever since I started my third-year in Otonokizaka, I couldn't avoid feeling a presence following me everywhere I go. Like someone or something is always tailing me. Even worst, that presence gets so much stronger when I talk with my best friend, Tojou Nozomi.

I've been friends with her since our very birth until now that we are third-years but even though, she acts a lot stranger than she usually does. First of all, her flirting started to be a lot more constant and every time I see her is like she had a fever and even more now that Ayase Eli started to hang around with us.

That Quarter Russian girl is always trying to hang out, especially with me, and during the last months she has started to hate Nozomi but she always rejects that she hates her, but thanks to my past, I can say that she is lying.

Right now, the three of us are walking to a nearby café like every day. Nozomi and Eli-san are talking while I just keep my silence and continue to walk, the three of us wearing the Otonokizaka uniform.

They are talking about random topics, like how's Nozomi's mother doing or if Eli-san missed her grandmother.

After several minutes of walking, we arrived to the café. We just entered and took our seats at the bottom of the café, that decision was mine, I just didn't like the window like the other two girls that are with me and today was my turn to choose where we seat, so that was pretty much it.

They started to talk again and went for minutes without stopping. I even had to order the drinks for them. It was pretty easy to choose, for Eli-san just hot chocolate and for Nozomi a coffee with two sugars, while I ordered (Y/FD).

They were still talking until their conversation took a very rocky path until they ended in the "who they like" topic. For odd reasons, when Eli-san dropped the question, Nozomi went totally silent and change the objective of the question towards me.

"Who do you like, (Y/N)cchi?" My face continue with its normal straight expression, maybe mixed with a little of confusion, why would she want to know?

"No one" That was my brief answer. When I said it, their looks became very decisive ones, but I just shrugged it away.

After that, they just continued with their conversation for about ten minutes until our drinks came.

Taking the first sip from my drink I wanted to throw out. It was so horribly made! The texture and everything was very disgusting! I ran to the bathroom, and because of my sudden rush, Nozomi ran after me, worried of what could happen.

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