extra # 2

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sisky can you pick up the baby?" Gabe asks looking at him, sisky shakes his head, "I'm gonna see if the foods ready," he goes upstairs, totally avoiding his little cousins. William rolls his eyes at the younger who just walked upstairs.

William goes and gets the screaming baby, coming back to Gabe and the five year old watching SpongeBob on the carpet of the basement.

"Here let me have her," Gabe says, reaching out for grabby hands, William hands over the smaller child, he sits next to his cousin, while Gabe tends to the baby.

"Do you like bubbles?" William asks the younger boy, "sometimes," the boy says to William, eyes glued to the TV. William goes into his room to try to find something to entertain the kid, other than the tv.

"Bill!" Gabe whisper screams coming into the doorway holding the baby, William looks back at him holding paper and crayons.

"How'd you do that?" William asks, looking at the sleeping baby, who just wouldn't be quiet

"I have the magic touch," Gabe says "I'm going to take her to your aunt, I'll be back in a minute," Gabe says.


"What's he drawing?" Sisky asks William and Gabe. The two are sitting on the couch, while the boy in front of them is drawing.

"Randall? What are you drawing?" Gabe says, the boy turns to them smiling, showing his picture with a wide smile.

"It's you! Because you said you were a singer!" Randall says to Gabe. "See, you're playing the guitar, and your song on stage." Randall gets excited over the drawing. Gabe hugs him "thank you, little man." He says, Randall sits back down and goes to drawing again.

"What?" Gabe asks William, who's looking at him with I could only describe as 'please take care of our family like that' eyes.

"Your good with kids." William says, Gabe kisses the corners of Williams' mouth.

"Guys!" Sisky says, "if you're going to do it do it when I'm not in the room, yuck! I hate it when Jason does it too!"

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