extra #1

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"Hey," Gabe says walking into William's room. He'd just gotten back from his job, and he didn't have any homework, visiting his boyfriend would be a good surprise. "Mrs.Siska said you'd be in your room." Gabe looks at William, he's sitting on his bed, surrounded by magazines and markers.

"Oh,hey." William says, he starts to put up his hair as he moves to the other side of the bed, making space for Gabe, Gabe sits down next to him. Making him smile that they don't have to speak with small gestures.

"I got you something," Gabe gives William the KitKat bar, Gabe smiles as William says his thank yous and smiles back.

"Are you okay?"

"Why do you ask?"

"William-" Gabe says then stops and pushes William's hair out of his eyes. "If something's bothering you," Gabe rambles on.

William looks at him slowly, "I'm just in a mood," William picks up a magazine from the floor of his room, "Why are you attracted to me?" William asks Gabe, while he's looking through the magazines, seeing the 20 year olds in bands, looking so much more like a man than he could ever.

"I like your hair," Gabe says to William, "And your smile, it's so fucking pretty,angel." He says, William just looks at him cheeks burning up, but lips frowning, "I also like your stubbornness." Gabe says.

"Excuse me?" William snaps back to Gabe.His sweater sleeve going down, Gabe frowns at the younger,

"It's just that, god, you make me want to try harder. You call out everyone's stupid shit. I don't care that you hate your parents, or that you grew up with a certain kind of mentality. You're still my william, my william who likes long walks on the beach, and fucking candlelight dinners." Gabe says to William, William doesn't speak, but he does push himself onto his boyfriend's lips.

"You're so cute," William says to Gabe,

Gabe leans his forehead to William's forehead, "I don't care if you look like the guys in the magazines, I don't care if you look like a fucking whale, or if you look like a pencil." Gabe says, he sighs to William, "But I do care if you cut yourself." Gabe says accusingly. William just looks at him, breaking down piece by piece in his own mind.

"Gabe I didn't-" William says, facing gabe, the two are across each other now

"William, you did, okay? And angel you know it's wrong, and I know it's wrong, but why?" Gabe asks him quietly. The deafening silence could split Gabe's heart into two.

"I was just-I don't know, baby- I just-" William's eyes start to fill up he latches onto Gabe's body, "I want to be different." Gabe says quietly, "I'm too tall, I have too much acne, I'm too poor. It just gets too much sometimes." William says quietly to Gabe his voice breaking.

"William, it's okay." Gabe says to him, "I love you, you know that angel."

"I love you too," William says to Gabe kissing his cheek.

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