Maria {Eighteen}

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     "Thanks! I love you too, man." I answered. I was really surprised that he said that, normally he'll yell at you for the smallest of things and he has never told any of his girls, except his daughter, that. We kept talking for a good five minutes. We have a 90 minute wait until we have to play another game. My teammates are all sitting under a pop-up tent, so I go and sit with them. I started walking toward my mom and D' Angelo when fans from the other team were saying 'good catch' or 'amazing stop'. 

     "Nice stop, Maria!" said four moms and dads.

     "Thank you!" I answer to all the people who said something to me. When I got to my mom, she stood up, gave me a huge hug, and told me that I did great. D' Angelo stood up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the head. 

     "You did great, honey! Anyone else playing third wouldn't have done that, I can tell. Amazing. I thought you said that you weren't that good at third base." I shrug, laughed, thanked him, and walked away. When I got under the tent all the girls go: "OOOHHHH!"

     "What?!" I ask, confused. 

     "Is that your boyfriend?!" Cadence asks. 

     "No. Not yet, anyway."

They all roll their eyes. I ignored them and sat down. We started talking about hanging out sometime or going to Aero Air Park in Lewiston. We were planning on going this weekend, so I got up to ask my mom. 

     "No, you can't. We have camping weekend this weekend and D' Angelo is leaving isn't he?" She says. 

     "Oh shoot. I forgot about that. Can D stay for camping weekend?"

     "Yeah, if it's okay with his parents."

     "Okay, sounds good." I say. I started to walk back to the tent, when Mitch yelled my name and motioned for me to go see him.

     "Hey, can I help you with something?"

     "Yes, actually you can help me. Is that your boyfriend."

     "Yes, it is. His name is D' Angelo." I decided to just tell him it was boyfriend, even though he's not yet. 


  Would you ever take back someone who cheated?

Depends how bad he wanted me back. If he was chill about it, no. But if he did something super big, probably. It also depends on who he cheated on me with. If it was some rude girl, no. If it was someone who deserves, maybe.

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