one ;; new friends, new experiences

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Nothing's as it seems. You'd know. In Ontario, Canada, there lied a place called Whitechapel. Whitechapel is an old, quaint town with dark secrets. Vampires, demons...heh, it's definitely an odd town, but vampires? As if!

You arrive at your school to see that nothing's changed. The same cheerleaders, geeks, and jocks in their daily spots.

"Still letting losers in?" The blonde said, referring to you.

"Still letting airheads in?" You retorted.

Her and her squad gasped while their jock boyfriends 'oohed'. While you smiled in triumph, you walked past some geeks that were still laughing at your joke. Well one of them was, the shorter one seemed like he had rigamortis set in.

Once you glanced over, the shorter smiled a bit, while his taller friend winked at you.

"Hey babe," he grinned.

You chuckled with a playful eye roll as you proceeded to your class.

"Benny!" You heard from behind.

"What? Jeez, she's hot!"

You turned your head to them, winking as they both froze up. Hmph, maybe this would be a different Friday.


Lunch. Finally.

You walked out of line with your food as you heard a commotion right next to you.


"Watch where you're going, dork!"

The girl left in a hurry, clearly upset. It was the kid from early. Not the flirtatious one, the stiff one.

"Need glasses with your inhaler?" Some jock said as he pushed the kid.

"Just, leave me alone."

"And why should I? You clearly need a lesson–"

"Hey! Lay off! He said he was sorry. End of discussion!" You butted in.

"Now I got a freak yelling at me?"

"HEY, no one messes with such beauty and gets away with it!" The boy from earlier threw in his two cents. Benny, if you remembered correctly.

You gave him an odd look as he grinned at you. But your focus was on the jerk.

"You're outnumbered, I suggest you mind your own business now." You said.

"Whatever. I just have more names to write down on my list." He said before slamming his hand down on your tray, knocking the food out of your hands. "And for you..." he looked at Benny as he licked his hand, and slapped it against the boy's face. "Later, losers!" He cackled and took his leave.

You sighed, and kneeled down to pick up the damage. So did the two boys.

"I'm...REALLY sorry for that." The shorter one said while gritting his teeth in embarrassment.

"It's no sweat..." you looked at him. You noticed he had brown eyes that matched his dark hair. You then turned to his flirtatious friend, noticing his green eyes. "And thanks for backing me up. Especially for what you said too." You blushed a bit.

"Anything for you, M'lady." He grinned. "Benny's the name. This is Ethan." He gestured to his friend.

"(Y/n)." You smiled.

Ethan seemed uncomfortable before blurting out of nowhere, "If you have nowhere to sit, you can sit with us! But if you don't want to, I understand."

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