Part Six

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Madhu sees RK calling her and she excitedly takes her cell phone and runs to her room. "RK... what happened earlier?" Madhu asks as she picked up the call. "I was a little disturbed then." RK says vaguely. "You were worried about the function at your restaurant?" Madhu asks. RK's restaurant was going to celebrate its first anniversary. "I guess." "Don't worry, it is going to be great, RK." Madhu tries to reassure him. RK smiles hearing her, "Madhu, it would mean a lot to me if you can come for the party." "Me?" Madhu asks shocked. "Yeah. I want you to be a part of it." "How will I come, RK? Your family will be there." Madhu tells him. "That's okay, Madhu." RK tells her, when she appeared not convinced he tells her "It would feel incomplete without you." "I will try, RK." Madhu tells him. Madhu hears her father calling her. "RK, papa is calling me down. I'll talk to you later." 

Madhu comes down and finds her parents sitting together with Trishna watching tv closeby. "Papaa" Madhu happily goes to him as she hugs him. "Looks like your mood changed." Malik says happily seeing her happy. "I am happy." Madhu says as she hugs him. "We called you because we got a new proposal for you." Madhu's loses her smile and goes silent, which didn't go unnoticed by her parents. "We are not even sure whether we want to proceed with this further." Padmini tells her. "Then don't." Madhu says too quickly. "Why?" Malik asks suspiciously. "I am not interested." Madhu says hesitantly. "You don't even know the guy." Padmini tells her. "Who is he?" Madhu asks unable to hide her irritation. "His name is Sultan." Padmini tells her. "RK's cousin?" Madhu asks shocked. "RK?" Padmini asks confused. "Rishab Kundra." Malik answers her while Madhu goes pale. "What is going on between you and him?" Padmini asks in anger. "We are friends." Madhu tells her. "Friends? Didn't we tell you not to talk to him anymore?" Padmini asks her while Madhu remains silent. "Madhu..." Malik lovingly calls her name, she looks at him and says "we are your parents; you can tell us whatever it is." Madhu remains lost in thoughts wondering what to say when Malik asks her "What is Rishab Kundra to you?" Madhu takes a deep breath and finally tells him, "I like him, Papa." "YOU LIKE HIM? DID YOU FORGET WHAT HE DID?" Padmini asks angrily. "WHAT DID HE DO, MAMA?" Madhu asks her angrily. "If you forgot I was the one who called of the wedding, NOT HIM!" "MADHUBALA!" Malik says her name in anger. "This is not the way to talk to your mother." Madhu looks at her sadly and says "When you say bad things about him, I can't take it." Malik sighs realizing what he had been suspecting was true. "What about him?" "I don't know." Madhu tells him. "He is not ready to marry now." Malik states. "Yes." "So what do you want to do?" Malik asks her. Finally, she accepted and told him the truth that she had been suspecting for a long time now, "I want to wait for him." Padmini gasps. "For how long?" Padmini asks. "I don't know." Madhu honestly and helplessly replies. "You do know that we have to get Trishna married after you." Padmini reminds her. "Oh please! I am not going to marry till I am a certified doctor." Trishna tells her. "That gives me 3 years." Madhu tells her parents. "Madhu, you said you don't know what his stand is." Malik reminds her. Madhu nods her head. "You do realize that being your parents we can't let this go on, right?" Malik asks her. "But Papa, RK... he is... i..." Madhu stammers, as she struggle to find any excuse or words that would convince her parents, finally she ends with a "please..." "We can't let you ruin your life, Madhu."Malik says with finality and he gets up and leaves, and Padmini follows him. Madhu turns to look at Trishna sadly who was giving her i-told-you-so look. 

RK hears his cell ringing and seeing that it is Sultan he takes the call with a groan. "What?" "You have her number, right?" Sultan asks. "Whose number?" RK asks irritated fully aware who he was talking about. "Madhubala, who else?" Sultan asks irritated. "Why you want her number?" RK asks angrily. "I don't want. That I will get later. I want you to call her and invite her for your restaurant party." "WHY?" RK asks shocked. "I want to meet her. You are so dumb!" "Why do you want to meet?" RK asks possessively. "Try to understand, RK. I love her." Sultan says shyly while RK makes puking faces. "Why would she come if I call her?" "Please try RK." "She is not going to come." RK lies. "Please RK, you have to do it!" Sultan stubbornly says. I asked Madhu to come and now Sultan will think that I asked her to come because he asked me to. And once she comes, he is going to meet her, and she is going to fall for his blue eyes and muscles!!!"Do this for me brother." "Just keep the damn phone, Sultan." RK says irritated and hangs up. 

Trishna was sleeping when Madhu crept near her and gently started shaking her awake. "Trishna, wake up." Trishna opens her eyes and frowns at her, "What is it?" "RK asked me to go to the party at his restaurant tomorrow." Madhu tells her. "And?" Trishna asks. "I want to go." "Why?" "He said it would mean a lot to him if I go there." "Okay. Go then." Trishna tells her as she tried to go back to sleep. "Trishna..." Madhu shakes her again. Trishna looks at her and sees her making puppy faces at her, and Trishna says with a dramatic sigh. "Okay, I will go with you."

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