I lay on my bed and think about the day’s event.  It’s 4 in the afternoon and we have to leave for church at 6. After leaving DowNTowN I had gone to Cardie’s and spent a good 3 hours there with my sister and to be sister-in-law. After trying 20 dresses both the girls jointly settled on one, and then dragged me for jewellery and shoe shopping even though I tried to tell them that I could wear something from my old collection. Finally after they thought that I had everything that was required to make me look like a top-class model they left me with my bags at mum’s and went to the parlour to get their mani-pedis and get ready for the grand event.

As soon as I had stepped home I was greeted by my aunts, uncles and cousins. After meeting and greeting all the blood relations I made a dash to my room to get some peace of mind and was now lying on my bed.

I check the time to see its 5pm and decide to get ready. All the running around town for shopping made me sweaty and tired so I pop for a quick shower and slip on the dress which we bought this afternoon. As I walk upto the mirror I can’t help but notice that the pale pastel light green dress fits me exactly as if its tailor made for me specially. Its sleeveless with a thin silver belt around my upper body and flows freely down ending just above my knees. I pull on my pale beige colored dress stockings. After completing my make-up I style my hair in a loose chignon. I put on my pearl studs and slip into my delicate white heels and do a once over. I’m about to grab my white coat when I hear the door bell ring and a second later I hear mum yelling my name.

“Ellie.. could you please check who’s at the door?”

I quickly walk towards the door but before I can reach it I notice that Annabelle has already opened the door and I see Zayn standing outside dressed in a tuxedo. I walk towards the door to find out his purpose of visiting me.

“Hello little lady what’s your name?” Zayn is bent down to Annabelle’s level and is asking her. She tells him her name shyly.

“Zayn” I greet him.

“Hey Eliza, we meet again” he says as he stands back up.

“Hey Annabelle why don’t you go and see what Grandmum is doing?” I look at Annabelle and tell her.

“Ok aunt Ellie” she says as she runs back indoors.

“Your niece?” Zayn inquires

“Yep, she’s my sister’s daughter” I say as I see the retreating form of Annabelle.

“So what brings you here?” I turn back around and ask Zayn

“Well I thought about it a lot and I think I’ll quit smoking. So who better to help me in that than the girl who opened my eyes? So I drove here straight after my family re-union. I’ll be staying with you from now on, I also told the lads that I’m taking a six month break from the band. So here I am and you are gonna help me in quitting right?” he asks sweetly.

I look at him confused and dumbstruck.

“What?” I ask but it comes out more of as a whisper.

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