Part 43 - A hazel beauty

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"Do you really have to go?... I know I said to try and work it out but... I'm kinda regretting that decision" Rick placed his hand on my cheek to wipe my slow flowing tears away. "I'll be fine, Hershel and Tom are coming with me" "I thought Daryl was going, Tom's still healing he can't go out there yet..." Rick shook his head and stroked my cheek with his thumb, "Tom's okay, trust me. Daryl was gonna come but he's better here, in case the Governor sets up an ambush, he's more use here" I nodded to let him know I was okay with his decision, but let out a defeated sigh, I wasn't okay with it in the slightest. "Right are we ready?" Hershel said in the calm, collected tone he always expressed. Rick and Tom nodded and proceeded to climb into the car. I placed a hand on Hershel's shoulder, causing him to turn around and look at me. "Bring him back safe okay?" I said holding back tears, "Don't worry Jess, I will" He turned back around and got into the passenger side of the car. "Rick... try and get Andrea to come home" Rick looked at me with those electric blue eyes I had come to know so well and nodded. I stood back as the drove off and hoped they would all be okay. "Come on guys, let's get to work, we have a lot to do before they get back" Glenn demanded. It was my turn to look after Judith, I hated it. Don't get me wrong, I love her and she's a wonder to look after.... but... all I can see in her is Lori, and it scares me.

I entered the cell block and loomed around for any sign of beth. "Be-" I stopped, my sentence was cut short by signing... beautiful singing. I wondered towards the angelic sound I had never heard before. Who was it? I wondered past one cell which was empty, then another, then another. I walked past one more cell before I was at the end of the cell block on the bottom floor. I popped my head round to corner to see Beth signing and playing with baby Judith, they both looked so happy. "That's beautiful" Beth stopped singing and swung her head round in my direction. "Oh! I didn't know anyone was in here" she said in genuine shock, not expecting anyone to hear her. I let out a small chuckle and entered the cell. "Its my turn to look after Judith... Go get some rest" I said with a smile, she nodded and stood up with Judith in her arms. "That time already?... Ok, I think I'm gonna sleep for a while" she expressed, passing me Judith as she did so. I nodded, picked up Judith's cloth and left the cell, Judith had been awake for a while and kept yawning, which was making me yawn. I began rocking Judith to sleep as I entered my cell. I plopped myself down onto my bed and waited for sleep to take her over so I could put her in her makeshift crib Carol had made. I began to feel drowsy myself, but fought to keep awake so Judith could sleep before her next feed. I was about to drift off, but was jolted awake by the sound of boots entering my cell doorway. My eyes everted from the boots to the persons face, it was Daryl. "Oh hi Daryl" I said yawning my head off. "Hi" He came in and sat down next to me, very close to me, I could feel the heat radiating off his body. I looked down at Judith, her eyes slowly closing as she drifted off to sleep. "I know you're worried about Rick..." Daryl started, causing me to turn my head and look into his eyes, which contained a hint of sadness and desperation. "He'll be just fine okay?" he placed his hand on my knee which surprisingly gave me a calming sense of security as Rick did. "Thanks Daryl it means a lot" I replied, yawning again, I was so exhausted and I could feel my eyes begin to feel heavy and close involuntary. I rested my head on his shoulder, I could hear his breathing pick up speed up and his heart rate was through the roof. "Daryl..." his breathing slowed a bit, he cleared his throat. "Yeah?" he replied quickly, "You won't leave me will you?" I could feel him shake his head "Never" I felt him move as he kissed the top of my head, I slipped into a well needed dreamless sleep.

Daryl's POV -------

Jess walked into the cell block, I watched each step she took, she had such and angelic, weightless walk, it was beautiful... everything about her was beautiful. "Close your mouth little brother, your drooling" Merle distracted my thoughts, dumbass brother... "What?" he let out a chuckle "You think you gonna get with Jess? naww man if its anyone its me I know she wants this" he expressed as he pointed to his crotch. "Get a life asshole" I began to walk towards the cell block "Don't forget to use protection!" he shouted as I walked away giving him the finger as I did.

I reached the cell block and went and found jess, she looked pretty cut up about Rick leaving, so I thought I would attempt to cheer her up. I'm not good at this... feeling crap, don't let it show and I can't get hurt, that's my motto anyways. I approached Jess's cell and hesitantly stood there for a moment, do I go in?... My feet overtook my brain as I didn't release I was already in the doorway of her cell. "Oh hi Daryl" She said as she expelled a massive yawn from her tiny body. "Hi" I said quickly, not really knowing what to say. Once again I felt my feet take control and I began to walk over to her and sit down close to her. I could feel the heat off of her body, her beautiful scent entered my nostrils, it was intoxicating. I looked down at Judith as Jess did, her little eyes slowly closing. "I know you're worried about Rick..." I started, Jess turned to me, her sparkly, hazel brown eyes boring into mine. "He'll be just fine okay?" I expressed as I placed my hand on her knee, she seemed okay with me doing it, this gave me a hint of hope. "Thanks Daryl it means a lot" She replied, yawning again, her eyes slowly closing like Judith's did. She rested her head on my shoulder, my breathing began pick up speed up and I could feel my heart in my mouth. "Daryl..." she said, I could hear how exhausted she was, my breathing slowed down a little "Yeah?" I replied, clearing my throat. "You won't leave me will you?" I shook my head slowly "Never" I moved my head kissed the top of of hers slowly and sweetly... I wanted to kiss those soft, luscious lips... I wanted her in my arms, to hold her tight and never let her go, but I knew I couldn't. Before I knew it Jess had fallen asleep on me, Judith still in her arms, I slowly slid out from underneath Jess and took the sleeping Judith from her arms and placed her in the crib Carol made. I walked back over to Jess and slowly laid her down on her bed, letting her sleep for a while. She looked so beautiful. I stood there staring at this kind, warm hearted beauty I had come to love so much.

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