Jonshlie (College AU)

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Ashlie's POV

I was walking to my dorm that was a little far. I was sharing my dorm with another person. I had no idea who he or she was but I would love to meet them. 'Lets just hope that this person isn't bad.' I thought. I went to front door and as soon as I took out my keys, a guy opened a door. He was on the phone like he was talking to someone. "Ok, I'm........oh hi, Uni I'll have to come later" he said and hanged up. "Hi, you must my roommate, Ashley right?" He asked. "Yes and you are....?" I asked. "Jon, nice to meet." He said holding his hand out. I shook his head and entered. I didn't know that there was another step. I tripped and fell over. I opened my eyes to find myself on top of Jon. "Well, this is a way to start off." He said then, everything went black.

I woke up in a bed. I looked over to find my husband Jon holding on to me by the waist. He was looking at his phone. "Morning sunshine." He said. "Morning sweetheart. Just a dream about how you and me met." I said. "By tripping on top of me?" He asked. "Yes, love you sweetie." I said went back to sleep.

Love by an accident

Hey Lovers. This was a little short but Sasha asked for a Zron or Jonshlie so I did both. As always, I need request for this book. I would be great if you could send me some. I might a in some smut but other than that, there's is nothing to worry about so please send me some plots and ships and not all have to be NSC ships. Have a great day everyone. Luna out.

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