Watching You Go

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Watching you go

What kind of a man

Cheats on a girl

Who has only just learned

To love this world

What kind of boy

Lets her go

Over the edge with the plan

Of kill herself tomorrow

What kind of guy

Walks away

With the lies that he told her

With the promise to stay

The wrong kind of person

And we all know it's true

The girl is filled with thoughts

And they're all about you

I know how it feels

It's happened to me

But I learnt the truth

And I learnt to see

You are not worth it

And you will never be mine

So today I shrug

And say I'm fine

But it's not true

And my heart is broken

And as I watch you go

I know I should have spoken

It's always the same

But I still ask why

Why is it that

I always say goodbye.

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