Waiting For You Forever

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Waiting for you forever

You're standing there at the railway station

And I'm waiting here at home for you

But you'll get on board that train now, won't you?

You won't be coming back any more

I'll stand here waiting for you forever

Until the stars have all faded away

But no matter how much time flows past

You're never coming back home to me

But the front door opens and you walk in

With the biggest smile upon your face

I guess I'm glad you didn't catch that train

But I'll just be waiting again tomorrow

Maybe one day you won't come home

And I'll be left here waiting forever

But until that day comes I'll enjoy

Every last second I have with you

Because you're waiting there at the railway station

For the last train of the day to come

One that will take you to another city

And you'll leave me waiting here at home

Waiting for you forever

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