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Nathan's POV

There is a familiar smell in the air: thick, sweet, coppery and absolutely mouth-watering. I take a deep breath through my nose and growl exhaling, enjoying the scent of my next prey. I was only driving home from my bar, minding my own business, when I first catch a whiff. It was so appetizing it warranted investigation. Before knowing it I was out of the car searching for its origin.

The woods are thick and it is already dusk. The frigid winds whip through my short, dark hair as I pick up speed. The wind stings my face and chest as my tee-shirt flaps against my chiseled body. A mist is seen coming from my lips as my breath touches the chilled night air.

I am bursting with excitement for what might be found. Is it an injured hiker I wonder; A hunting accident maybe? Licking my lips in anticipation my fangs extend and my throat starts to burn like a hot raging fire that no water can quench.

The farther I sprint through the woods, the more the smell intensifies: drooling I pick up speed. I can run faster than any animal on earth. I am stronger and smarter than any creature in existence. No woman can resist me and every man wants to be me. I am Nathan Walker and a vampire.

"Oh shit," I whisper, after hearing the sounds of faint screaming.

I dart at an ungodly speed towards the shrieks then finally; after a few miles, I come upon a gruesome scene is transpiring even for my standards.

In a clearing deep in the middle of the cold dank woods, a 1990s Ford pick-up is parked on the opposite side of a young battered woman, who is lying on the grass covered in blood and struggling to keep her clothes on. A large man, mid-forties and balding; straddles on top of her while attempting to pull her clothes off. The woman is struggling with all her strength and, curiously, not making a sound. Blood drips from her lips as she has holds on to her jeans with one hand, and clawing his face with the other.

I have personally never seen a woman like her put up such a fight. Her determination is admirable as she fights for her life. Any other would have given up by now, excepting their fate, but not her. She yearns to live and does not show any sign of giving up.

I watch her with a new found interest. I notice that her blouse has been ripped open exposing her bloody but perfect breasts where she has obviously been stabbed above her because of the bleeding, gaping wound. Her legs are flailing and she gets in a good knee to his crotch. A smile creeps over my face as I watch the pervert double over in pain.

I am watching tentatively, secretly rooting for her. I soon start to feel guilty for not stepping in. What I feel for the women is not pity but a new found respect. I feel a connection with her, like she reminds me of someone I knew from a distant past. Knowing that it really isn't any of my business what is happening between these two humans. Watching him desperately try to take advantage of her is distasteful to me. Vile and disgusting creature this man is; it baffles me how cruel humans choose to be when us vampires sometimes do not have a choice.

Suddenly, she slaps him as hard as she can across the face. He curses loudly and grabs an already bloody knife that is lying beside them. Without thinking I intervene.

"Oh, no you don't!" I hiss.