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I read your heart

It inspired me

To tell the truth

And let the real world see

I run from love

I run from light

Even though I know

It's a hopeless fight

I spend my days

Looking at the moon

Staring at the sky

Knowing my time is soon

I wrote this poem

With you in mind

And the one I need

But will never find

But that's alright

Because we all know it's true

The one I need

Is you

So I hand you my heart

And I hope that you'll read

What I feel when I look at you

And know that it's you I need

Even if you do, it's too late

For I've already lost my soul

And you know everything

Because my life has been foul

So I write down my feelings

And I hope you'll never know

It was me who took my life

Because I knew it was time to go.

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