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The girls and I are in the bedroom watching Twilight...for like the millionth time. I can't focus on the movie, all I can think about is what Harry told me. Harry isn't wanted, and he isn't trying to kill anybody. Dakota was lying.

"Holly, are you okay?" Dakota asks me. No, Dakota, I'm not.

"I'm fine" I lie. The girls go back to watching the movie.

"Uh, I'm gonna go downstairs and get some water" I say, getting up from my bed and walking outside. I'm not actually getting water, I'm going to go back to Harry's bedroom. We still have so much more to discuss.

| Harry's Bedroom |

"Harry?" I knock on the double doors. He answers shortly after.

"Holly, you again" Harry extends his arm, motioning for me to come in.

"We need to talk" I inform Harry.



"Right, okay" Harry says, sitting down beside me.

"If you're not trying to poison us, then what was up with the lemonade thing a few weeks ago?" I ask.

"Special drug. Keeps me from going too crazy"

Like Harry could get any crazier.

"Then why'd you try and give it to me?"

"To test it. I haven't tried it yet, so just in case, I wanted to make you try it first"

"Wow, real gentlemen like" I say, sarcastically.

"You're different" Harry says, out of the blue.


"You just are"

"Do you know how Jess, Anna and Kylie d-" I get cut off by Sarah opening the door.

"Sarah?" Harry asks.

"Jesus, Holly, you've been here for ages," Sarah says, smiling, "the girls are looking for you"

"Tell the dolls Holly and I will be out for a bit" Harry looks at me, mentally telling me to agree so Sarah goes away.

"Sure- I mean," I clear my throat, "y-yeah"

"Oh okay, see ya la-" Harry cuts Sarah off.

"Bye" Harry waves his hand at Sarah, telling her to shoo.

"Where are we going?" I ask Harry.

"I don't know, just come" Harry grabs my hand. I shiver at his cold, but warming touch as he leads me out the door.

| In Harry's Car |

"Why don't you listen to radio?" I ask Harry.

"Never been a fan of music"

"What?! I can't live without music!"

"Music..It's overrated. Dumb. Doesn't mean anything. But turn on the radio, this silence is annoying"

I turn on the radio and the first song that plays is 'Happy'. Harry and I both groan in sync. We chuckle.

"They always play this song!" I say, rolling my eyes.

"Change the radio station"

I press a button which I'm guessing changes the radio station. The song that plays is 'The A Team'. Good, something decent.

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