How - and another too short title

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How do I deal

Deal with the pain

Of going through life

And playing it's game

How do I deal

With all my dreams

Maybe they're nightmares

Because they make me scream

How do I lift

Myself from the ground

It's too late now

I've already drowned

How do I feel

What it means to laugh

I feel like I am

Hiding behind a scarf

How do I sift

Through all the songs

About different people

And everything they've done wrong

How do I deal with life

How does anybody know

What I've dreamed of

And where I go

How do I realise

That they are not the right

How do I open up my eyes

And walk towards the light

How do I break free

Hw do I know I'm me

How do I get away from you

And sail into the blue


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