chapter three

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chapter three : the lonely anniversary

"i just can't believe he didn't tell filch to sod off, you know?" albus was sat with rose along a low wall in the courtyard

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"i just can't believe he didn't tell filch to sod off, you know?" albus was sat with rose along a low wall in the courtyard. after it became obvious the blond wasn't going to show up to dinner anytime soon, rose decided to leave the great hall and albus, having lost his appetite watching vincent goyle eat, followed her.

"perhaps he couldn't, rose. you know how psychotic that old crook can be." albus offered his sympathy to his cousin, arguing on scorpius' behalf more than anything else. he would never demonize the blond boy, no matter what.

"it just sucks, albus. it's our anniversary and i haven't seen him all day. not since breakfast." in that moment, albus remembered that slytherins didn't have classes with gryffindors at all on thursdays, so rose was right.

"give him time, rose. he'd be here if he could be. you know he would. he'd never leave you hanging on a day like today." he soothed his cousin, taking her hand in a friendly gesture, and she wiped the wetness away from her eyes. when had she started crying?

"y'know," she started. "sometimes i think you've got more faith in that boy than i do."

"what do you mean?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at her curiously. scorpius and rose were the perfect couple: surely she wasn't doubting them.

"i don't even know, albus. it's just- we've been together for four months, and that's a big deal to me. especially because of who he is." rose wiped her eyes again.

"who he is?"

"he's a malfoy, and you know as well as anybody what my dad thinks of the malfoys. he hates them. when i first told him that scorpius and i were together, he said we wouldn't even last a week, but here we are four months later. my dad always talks lowly of scorpius. my mum tries to be nice, but i just know she's holding grudges towards scorp's dad just like my dad is. nobody likes him. not even just the family. loads of people think he's scum. don't you remember our first year, when everyone said scorpius was secretly somehow you-know-who's son?" she was rambling, but albus nodded understandingly. people did tend to assume the worst of scorpius, just because of who he was named after. who he was.

"i get that."

"but then there's you, albus. even when i have my doubts about scorpius, you're there to defend him to the ends of the earth. you're there for him, through everything. and please don't think i'm terrible, but i've noticed everything. i know i've pulled him away from you and i'm sorry. i took your best friend for selfish reasons: not even entirely because i liked him."

"rose, what're you saying? you're being ridiculous." albus stopped her, already seeing the direction this conversation was heading. against every fiber of his being, every whisper of his mind that told him to let this happen, he couldn't do it. not like this. "rose, you're talking like you want to break up with scorpius, and i know that's not what you want. you like scorpius. hell, you might even love him, i don't know. but you can't talk like this."

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