Ocean Blue Eyes

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Lona checked her phone. She lifted her eyebrow and bite her lips when seeing a message.

"What is wrong?" Michellina tried to read what was on Lona's head. She felt it by looking at Lona's face.

"Oh! Now there is a secret between us" Michellina muttered
"Okayy..okayy...It is about Perth. I just started to consider what you had said about his feeling towards me yesterday. Until yesterday, i was sure that was a normal conversation. But today..."
"So...finally, you just realized about that. What did he say?" Michellina took Lona's smartphone to see the messages history .

Perth : have you finished your revision? I just finished it. My mind is stuck to write the next chapter and we scheduled to meet Mr. Godfrey  on the next 2 days <sent 7:08 am>

Me : Fortunately, i got a lil bit revision. So, I could immediately work on my next chapter yesterday. Come on, you can do it <sent 7:20 am>

Perth : Could we have a lunch together? < sent 08:00 am>

Me : I have not done the homework for the afternoon class. I want to finished it while i have lunch. I am sorry <sent 10.00 am>

Perth : Oh that is alright. When will your class finish today? <sent 10.05 am>

Lona : 3.30 pm approximately <12:00 pm>

Perth : You must be tired! If you have finished, just tell me, okay. I give you a ride <sent 12:17 pm>

Lona : oh, thank you. That is not neccessary. You should finished your next chapter, shouldnt you? <sent 12:58 pm>

Perth : Oh, it is alright. The sky is.... Look like it will be rainy on the afternoon. <sent 12:58 pm>

Lona : i have my umbrella and coat <sent 12:59>

Perth : no, i do not want you to be sick :(  <sent 12.59 pm>

Perth : Lonaaaaa....where are you. Have you finished?  <sent 3.30 pm>

Lona : It is not rainy, Perth. I am okay, hehe thanks<sent 3.34>

Perth : but, you must be tired, right? I will treat you an ice cream and some cookies. I will give you a ride to your home <sent 3.34>

"Today, he is a bit fishy" said Lona. Mischellina scrolled up again to see the previous messages until one week ago.

" He is a caring person. If you do not want, I will" Michellina gave her opinion

"Yes, he is a good man. I do not want to ruin my relationship as friend with him."

"After all, he is handsome and rich. I do not get the idea why you do not want him as boyfriend. I wonder if my boyfriend and my brother care for me like Perth"

"Hmmm...I have told you so many times. Your boyfriend....He always cares to you. When you mad at him and did not reply his messages or even his calls, he monitors you by asking me all things about you. Like...whether you have lunch or not, what you eat on your lunch...something like that"

"OMG! Is it true? You are not lying, are you?" Michellina showed her enthusiasm.

Lona was like... OMG what did I tell her, she just remembered that she should keep it as a secret. Knowing about Lona body's language, Mischellina said "Calm down, I will act like nothing was told by you"

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