18; Here we are, am I taking this to hard? (epilogue)

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"Dad! Slow down, slow down!" William screams to his father. Gabe's dropping him off at home, Gabe just looks straight, not wanting to invade too much into William's personal life.

"Bill," Gabe mutters, glaring at William to the side a little. William nods, sighing trying to keep quiet as his dad talks to him on the phone.

"William, all I'm saying is that-

"Dad, Alice doesn't mind!" William exclaims for the millionth time. William's father makes a disapproving noise.

"Where are you right now, William?" He asks, William bites his lip.

"In Gabe's car, why?"

"Who's Gabe?" Mr.Beckett asks, already knowing the answer, already knowing what his son is and Mr.Beckett just knows Bill's confused, he's just a teenager.

"My boyfriend." William says, and Gabe's heart skips a beat. Gabe grabs William's free hand and holds it while they stop at the red light. Gabe's looking at William with the look of home, the comfort and happiness he should've had at a younger age.

"I just want you to be safe," Mr.Beckett says, "You know, people on the east are-

"What are they?! Please, fucking tell me how they are in the east!" William screams into the phone, taking Gabe back and he gives him big wide eyes. "Fucking midwestern ass-

"William Eugene Beckett Jr!" Mr.Beckett screams, "How dare you curse at me? Your father- I've given you a loving home an-" Mr.Beckett gets cut off by William's laughing.

"Love?" William asks, "Where's the fucking affection, helping me when I needed it?!" William says in the same tone when Gabe first met him. "Bye dad," William says, hanging up the phone. Gabe parks in the driveway of the Siska's house.

"William," Gabe says softly to William, William looks up at him, putting his phone in the pocket of the purple Jacket. "Angel, it's gonna be okay." Gabe is trying to be soft and comforting and William just looks at him and rolls his eyes.

"Fuck off," William says, playing with the jacket, taking Gabe back to the beginning where it was cold and William was begging Gabe for the same jacket.

Gabe nods and sighs, "Do you want me to come down with you?" Gabe asks, William furrows his eyebrows, "Don't you have work today?"

"I can take a day off for you."


"What'd your dad say to you?" Jason says to William, opening his bedroom door. William and Gabe are sitting next to each other on the bed together. Gabe has William's guitar in his hand, while William is looking at his twitter and enjoying the sweet melody of the guitar. William eventually stopped being stubborn and superfluous to his boyfriend. 

"Jason..." William whines, Jason rolls his eyes and crosses his arms.

"William, you're like a brother to me, we need to talk about this. What did your father say to you?"

"Just stuff about you guys and ju-"

"My family?!" Jason asks, William goes more into Gabe's chest and nods his head at his older brother. "That mother fuck-"

"JASON!" William exclaims, "He's still my dad! Don't call him a mother fucker!  "

Jason shakes his head, "I'm telling my dad what's happening, I swear to god William that man deserves nothing, after all that shit he's done to you and your mom, honestly your mom should leave his ass." Jason shuts the door and runs upstairs.

"I love how he just comes down here." William says, looking at Gabe, "We could've been fucking or something and he just opened the door," William giggles at his own words.

"What happened to your mom?" Gabe asks, William smiles at him.

"You're so blunt about it," William says, he lies down on his bed, next to Gabe. "My mom, when I was younger, my father was a very very violent man." William says, "The word loyalty isn't in his vocabulary either," William sighs.

Gabe holds his hand, "It's okay,"  Gabe says, "You're not going to go back there," He strokes William's hair, "This isn't over," Gabe is quiet with his tone, telling his boyfriend nothing and everything, "I don't what this to be over, ever"

"What are you saying?"

"I don't know what I want in the future," Gabe admits, "But, I know right here, right now, I want to be with you," Gabe says and then kisses William, William melts into the kiss, smiling.

"I love you," William says, blushing Gabe nods his head and agrees with him. Gabe kisses him again, pulling on William's (Gabe's really,) purple jacket, "I love you too,"


I just wanna say thank you for reading this !!! I know Gabilliam isn't as popular as it used to be, but really I want to thank all of you for voting and even like looking at the book.

I'm writing the new series soon, It'll be like the movie Step-up (kind of) anyway, William does ballet so be ready for that!

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